Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Heading to AWP tomorrow. Excited. Will see the bitchin' MIKE YOUNG read on Wednesday night. I think master blaster TAO LIN is reading Friday. Also looking forward to LYDIA DAVIS, BRIAN EVENSON, ANDER MONSON, MICHAEL MARTONE, AMY HEMPEL, and etc. Also excited about meeting lots of people I've e-known for a long time now. Should be good shit.

In my absence, the gracious JEREME DEAN is going to be guest blogging at one of my poker blogs. If you play poker, go read. He is a very smart player and I'm excited he'll get to talk it up.

I'm going to try very hard not to blow $200 within the first 30 minutes of walking around the book fair this year. VERY VERY HARD.

Good announcement when I get back, related to LC. It refers to someone linked here and something excellent that came out of them.


Josh Maday said...

Man, that's awesome! I don't have to say have a great time, it's kind of impossible not to (unless mugging or something, but still), but have a great time. Carry around ziploc bags and have all of the people you listed breathe into them and trap their breath and mail it to me.

ryan call said...

good work - see you up there

Kendra Grant Malone said...

omg. im soooo excited. im going to build you a comfy ass nest like place to sleep. yay!

Ken Baumann said...

I hope you have fun.

I just watched the first episode of Twin Peaks. Yes.

jereme said...

hmm, we do not read books in California. WTF is AWP?

Bryan Coffelt said...

I planned to go to AWP.

I planned to have a job to pay for AWP.

I have been doing temp jobs to pay for my electricity and macaroni and cheese.

Matt DeBenedictis said...

I just read your piece in the new Quick Fiction, truly a wonderful work. Have fun at AWP.

Zachary German said...

it was good to meet you

we are friends now


matthew, thank you.

new york times, yes.