Saturday, February 2, 2008


My shoulders are both aching. I came home with two bags full of books. They were very heavy. I walked a lot in New York City. I went a lot of places. I now understand several email addresses as belonging to people with heads and eyes. Nice people. Friends. Internet life. Internet connection.

Massive thanks to Kendra for helping me not die in the city and letting Mike and I sleep in her nice apartment, and to Tao and Justin for another place to sleep and also helping me not die in the city, and to Mike for sticking together.

Mostly I felt comfortable and not embarrassed. And also pleased.

I was informed of many things I said while very drunk on rum that I did not remember saying. I forget where they were now because my whole head is gunked with so much walking and so much words.

Tao and I stood in front of the n+1 table. I pointed at an issue and asked him if he was in it and he said yes. The person working the table looked businesslike and averted his eyes.

I ate an excellent sandwich with brie and green apples and ham and tomato on it. I ate a crepe. I drank a smoothie.

I am very very tired.

I wanted to type things about my trip now so I could remember them later but my head is a little white.

I brought my camera but took no pictures.

Calamari Press had the best looking table. They have two new books out. I am excited to read them both.

What else happened

I am glad I went to New York.

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Kendra Grant Malone said...

massive youre welcomes. nicole said that you were darling and she enjoyed your company (mike's too) and that you boys are welcome back whenever you like.


you said some pretty retarded things. and you made an exercise video. in the nude. we were all uncomfortable, but went along with it. you also spoke in gibberish for a while.