Monday, March 24, 2008

David Lynch & Online Reading & FEMA

Matthew Savoca has published INLAND EMPIRE, a kind of response to my TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME.

In it, I am killed. I have now been killed in online stories by Matthew Savoca and Sam Pink, who are two of my favorites.

Good job Matthew.

I encourage more people to kill me in their online work.

Please kill the fuck out of me in your online work. Kill me with a bobsled. Kill me with a tickle. Kill me with the rough edge of your entire blog printed out and distributed as a chapbook. Kill me with titties. I am white and I should die.

Someone who should not die is Chelsea Martin, who sent me her chapbook DREAM DATE which is very awesome. You can read a section of it on Pequin.

Chelsea Martin also had an awesome piece about McDonald's in Ken Baumann's really nice new online journal No Posit, which is all around most excellent.

Chelsea Martin is also known as 'Condom Girl Chelsea Martin' (yes people have been Googling that) due to her Lamination Colony contributor video.

Good job Chelsea and Ken.

I feel like congratulating people today. Most days I have to talk myself out of talking shit at least for a minute. I like things.

There is also a new ebook now online from Publishing Genius. This one is by Joseph Young, and contains some very bizarre and cool sentences. It's a quick and interesting read. Here: GOD NOT OTHERWISE.

Good job Joseph and Adam.

On Monday morning, I met with FEMA to analyze the damage to my apartment. I still have not been given a date I can move back in. FEMA might do something for me. They might not. There is a lot more water in there than I'd realized. When I came in with FEMA they had two huge dehumidifiers running and had moved all my shit to the center of the room haphazardly.

Good job FEMA worker and home rebuilders.

Good job me no insurance having dreamboat.

The tornado fucked up my ERASERHEAD and THE SHORT FILMS OF DAVID LYNCH dvd sets, which were $50 each and came in these really amazing box packages. My other DVDs were all okay. The tornado had discerning taste as to what it would destroy. The tornado was not a surrealist. I will shit in the tornado's lunchsack.

Good job Amos Tutola, whose MY LIFE IN THE BUSH OF GHOSTS I just finished reading and was very happy about and felt connected to and inspired by and want to read again.


Ken Baumann said...

Good job on this post. Thank you for the links.

Also, I hope FEMA helps you.

Brian Foley said...

Can I use "The Tornado is not a Surrealist" as a title?

Also, if you need books to read, email me and I will send you a care package. Really. FEMA can be slow. Best of luck with all of this.


ken, thank you.

brian, use it up. thanks for the support. i'm still not certain of what survived what didn't. i think most of my 'good' books survived. yeeshum. you are kind.

Joseph Young said...

Hey, Blake, thanks for the mention. Looking forward to your pdf chapbook. May FEMA be strong and good.

DB said...

no posit is great.

i'm sorry to hear about the tornado.

atlanta is a weird place for a tornado. i'm not a fan of atlanta. you should move to athens. athens is a good town. i live in tornado country and have never been hit by one. i'm confused by that. i hate to say that i feel jipped. but i do.

those are great dvd's. the grandma film is great.

i will write eraserhead and send it to titular and kill you in that.


joseph, np, PG bros.

daniel, do eraserhead. eventually there should be the lynch filmography on there. then we can get them to release the david lynch filmography chapbook.

that would probably actually sell.

sam pink said...

blake, i was in a tornado once and i sat in the basement eating gumdrops. that is actually true but it sounds like a lame fairy tale thing. also, i am going to write something about you getting brutally killed. i feel like i let you off easy before.


sam please kill me really good i know you can i love gumdrops but more so crystal clear gummy savers.

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