Sunday, April 13, 2008


I went out of town this weekend. I went to Gatlinburg TN. Mostly what they have there are pancake houses, Christmas supply stores, anti-liquor bills and novelty tourist-aimed recreation. Even restaurants can't sell liquor here, though it would help digest the casino-sized Jamboree dinner houses & weird putt putt venues.

They literally had 6-10 Christmas stores in a 4 mile stretch, some as large as WalMart.

I saw Dolly Parton in a very short parade and yelled something obscene and got glared at.

I climbed a mountain and took my clothes off so my dick could breathe.

I was glad to leave the fuckhole of Atlanta.

While I was gone, the new issue of Lamination Colony deleted itself. It reverted to its old index page and cleared many of the pieces on the new update. I have no idea how it did that.

It has also been editing itself occasionally. It stuck an extra line at the end of one of Jason Bredle's poems. It has changed versions of two of the Dick Palace sections twice.

Dick Palace is a co-editor at Lamination Colony and he lives inside the computer. He is a destructor.

I have fixed the site back to how it was for now.

Kemel Zalidvar blogged about Chris Killen's piece and the Lamination Colony submission guidelines.

This weekend I read Joyelle McSweeney's FLET. I read it mostly while going up the mountain by myself. I would walk a while and then stop in a spot that looked like a spot for stopping and then I would read one of the short sections. The book worked very well like that: completely alone on a mountain, in sections. I enjoyed it.

I have more to say later but right now I am very tired and I can't stop thinking about the two small shaking dogs I saw a woman at a flea market had stored inside a small aquarium. It was cold and they were clawed against one another trying to get warm. The woman running the booth was cockeyed and had acne and I am fairly certain had kissed relatives. She offered to let us hold the dogs. I couldn't look at her.

I feel sick.


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The Man Who Couldn't Blog said...

Wow. Anxious feeling, indeed.

I posted a link to the new Lamination Colony again.