Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Day 3 @ 9:50 PM there are 15,676 words. I am now saving the document with the name WHICH HOUSE IS OURS?, which is one of 4 working titles, none of which will likely get used. The other working titles are






Yeah okay. Got a late start today after getting up at 9:45 to meet with FEMA again, as there are more things I can apply for and now that I am going to be out of my place another 2-3 months other options have opened. Spent a long time trying to find a specific hall leading to a specific elevator to a specific tiny portion of a large room where I met with a man who refused to let me fill out my application paper because there was no one there and he was bored. He wrote very slow and asked for information I have given FEMA 3-4 times at this point. Whichever. I will feel blessed if something comes of it.

Last night girlfriend and I watched THE BIRDS, which I hadn't seen since I was little at a friend's birthday party. It was much different than I remembered. I like the ending though. The ending made me think about other endings to other things.

Finished reading A NEW QUARANTINE WILL TAKE MY PLACE and started reading ACTUAL AIR by David Berman which was recommended to me a while ago.

Strong news and motions underlying in several ways have me feeling very positive about things.

This 10-15 day novel may end up being much longer than my original aim of 30,000 words as on day 3 I'm already past the halfway mark on that number and the short list of notes I have for things forthcoming keeps getting longer and longer and longer and most of what I've written to this point is stripped and could be expanded with a lot of weird meat.

There is a couple in the book with a very thin man and a woman wearing a veil.

William Gass's THE TUNNEL is in the book, as is a magazine called ENORMOUS WOMEN.

As is Braille wallpaper and a very long hallway.

ENORMOUS WOMEN might be a good title.

I also thought about THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK PART 2, though Harmony Korine already made a short film with that title. MEIN KAMPF 2?

Couldn't sleep to save my life last night. Two nights in a row now. Massive insomnia return since I started this project. I've also lost 4 pounds.

Listened to IT TAKES A MILLION YEARS TO BECOME DIAMONDS SO LET'S JUST BURN LIKE COAL UNTIL THE SKY'S BLACK by Storm & Stress over and over for about an hour today while writing. It's hard to write to most music. That song is on the Lamination Colony mix that you can download from the site.

I am going to watch TOP CHEF and then keep writing or pass out.


Prathna Lor said...

blake butler is on fire

death-hustler said...

KNOCK ONCE IF YOU ARE THERE strikes me as an excellent title. continue to stir in your creative ferment.


hmm, i liked that one least before, but now that i see you typing it in another context i like it more.


i want a very long gibberish title.

mike jauchen said...

yeah, blake, more weird meat....

i love samedi the deafness, but i always thought it could have used a little more weird meat.

and storm and stress...still like their self-titled album the best... still one of the best live shows I've ever been at.

best of luck
mike jauchen-->

Ken Baumann said...

blake, i like WHERE AM I WHERE HAVE I BEEN WHERE ARE YOU the most.

also, fire. yes. i'm excited for you.


Ani Smith said...

Blake Butler I am worried about you. This novel is bad for your health. Actually, I think this may be a remake of a cursed Polish novel you're writing. That weird meat? It's kielbasa.


mike, that's cool you saw them, i saw them too once at a little art basement, i have it on video somewhere. yes it was one of the best.

weird meat everywhere.

ken, i am tending towards that one now i think.

ani, i wanted to use the name 4 7 after that cursed novel. hmmm.

qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq said...


Do you know who the Ultimate Warrior is?

I am drawing my power from your ropes.

I will gorilla press slam you to the ring.

You will lie motionless.

I will taunt over your body.
I will run two fingers down my cheek and laugh.

You are not safe.
You writing is not safe.
I am coming for you.

I am crying today.
For you.

Think about it.



ttb, i saw what you made on top chef last night. i wouldnt feed that to my dying child.

my in-ring fire will burn through you still many years after you've retired and you are old and your women are pallid and rank and will not eat.

don't mess.