Sunday, April 20, 2008

Day 6: P

Most of Saturday off. Wrote a little, edited a little. There are 24359 words. I feel sick. Something got inside me. Something. Tomorrow will wake up ready regardless of feel.

I'm not really aware of half of what I'm saying.

To those who have submitted Lamination Colony eBooks: I am behind on these and it might be a minute. I will read them all eventually without question, just please be patient. I will probably do next book as the summer is getting hottest. I've peeked at some. Many excellences. I am going to have to be decisive.

The story LYNETTE, YOUR UNIQUENESS in KISSED BY by Alexandra Chasin is one of the coolest stories I've read in a while.

Random sentence from today:

Across the street, the enormous box in the neighbor’s yard was changing shape.


Ken Baumann said...

i like that sentence

MeganRoth said...

I like that sentence too.

I think I just "tagged" you. I don't really know what that means, or why, I'm just following orders. Have a look at my blog for an explanation:


thank you.

i don't know how to respond to being tagged. thanks for tagging me.

MeganRoth said...

You're welcome.

You're supposed to post lines 6,7, and 8 of page 30 of your work in progress, and then tag five more people to do the same thing.

But, that seems pretty illogical. I don't really know why I did it. It seemed fun at the time.