Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tornado Update + Links

Randomly got called by my HOA tonight. It's been about a month out of my home now. I thought I'd be back by the end of this month. Now they estimate it will be another 2-3 months. They are going to rip out the drywall and cabinetry in 10 out of 12 units in my building. The cabinetry has to be imported from Canada for some unknown reason. There's nothing wrong with cabinetry. They say they afraid of water having sunk into it. They want me to sign a contract tomorrow releasing some company they hired to move my shit for me. I'm not 'allowed' to go in and move my shit by myself. I had to sneak onto the property (with some help from unnamed sources in security) to get some of the shit I didn't want stored. A lot more water damage has occurred in the past few weeks. A lot of water from my neighbor with the missing roof has spread through the wall into my place. It ruined more books than I realized. I got most of my stuff stuff out, though all my furniture and the rest of my stuff stuff is in the apartment and I guess these fuckers are going to move it. I don't know what will happen if I do not sign. They keep saying 'good as new.' People keep saying 'at least no one was hurt.' At least no one was hurt. At least no one was hurt. It's becoming like the Pledge of Allegiance, hearing that. I'm glad no one was hurt.

Thank you to everyone who keeps writing me about my status. It is appreciated.

- - -

Justin Dobbs interviewed me a while ago and now it's on Dogmatika.

I want to actually write the book I was talking about here:

"My book is about abortion practices in middle Taiwan, where young mothers are made to squat in public fruit stands with their pants down and yip like my neighbor's dog until they are rendered infertile by their own sound. It is a very brutal and disturbing practice. I saw it once while I was on a ski trip with me mims and pips. We were sold shoddy ski tickets by a charlatan in a bunny suit. My dad will buy anything if you smile. Anyway, the main character in the book is a nurse practitioner whose main job is to stand holding the middle finger of this one young lady subscribed to abort. His name is Chuck and he has never seen himself in a mirror and he hates his father for leaving him at the Taiwan Zoo when he was young, which, if you've never been to the Taiwan Zoo, believe me, you'd understand. The book rotates between exhaustive stream of consciousness excerpts from Chuck during the nine day stand it requires to help Akisha (that's the girl's name) abort. Chuck, perhaps surprisingly, does not think in words that include the letter 'B', which is a trick I stole from a rather famous Taiwanese tome I most admire, titled Dahm-Vana-Ana Wee-Womp. The other passages in the book are told from the perspective of the child inside Akisha as he/she is being aborted. It's all very difficult, obviously, and I expect to win several awards. The book is titled Dahm-Vana-Ana Bee-Bomp: A Sequel, and will follow the release of my other recently completed book, Scorch Atlas. I went through a long period of not being able to walk without my hands over my face after I wrote this book. I was not able to call my mother and I was not able to cry. It was very hard, this writing. Very hard. Please give me the award."

Justin Dobbs and I are writing some kind of thing together, sending short chapters back and forth. It is mostly written sporadically, high on coffee. I don't know what it is, but it is starting to scare me a little. I don't know what we'll do with it. I like it. I think about it while I'm driving.

- - -

Download the Lamination Colony Audio Suppository. I made it quickly but it's a good listen, I think. It sounds good with fat headphones.


ellen frances said...

have we met?


i think yeah briefly during AWP weekend in new york. i was one of the guys staying with kendra. we all went to someone's place after mike young's reading for a while but you and i never really spoke.

ellen frances said...

you are fucking funny.