Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Submissions for the next issue of LAMINATION COLONY are now closed. All further submissions and those who have not been answered yet will be considered for the next issue. In case you were looking at our old URL (lamination.deadwinter.com), that URL is now null. The new issue of LC should be out by mid-June and is full of all young writers. There are no editors of journals or people with several books published. There are only people doing things new. It is going to be nice.

Soon after the new issue LAMINATION COLONY will release an eBook by the megabadass LILY HOANG. I can't tell you how pumped I am about her book, which is full of magic and bizarre and titled THE WOMAN DOWN THE HALL. Just you wait.

Speaking of things done new, there is a new issue of NOO JOURNAL now online. It has new work by Ofelia Hunt, Noah Cicero, Mary Miller, K. Silem Mohammad, Claudia Smith, Benjamin Buchholz and Sean Kilpatrick, including a weird as hell little ebook from Kilpatrick, titled: SPURIOUS ONE-MAN LOBOTOMY WITH CLIPPED INQUISITION. Sean Kilpatrick is a killer.

Also today in the mail got my contributor copies of AVERY ANTHOLOGY 3 which looks so sexy with its slick glossy color cover I really want to lick it. The stories are massive and sick. Go do a buy.

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jereme said...

Congrats on the add to your giant list of accomplishments.

You are rad, we all suck.

Remember that while licking color, glossy magazine covers.