Tuesday, May 6, 2008

NO POSIT v2 + New York Tyrant

NO POSIT Volume 2 is now out. It's got a fucklot of people I like. I won't name them because I'd have to name them all. Ken Baumann is kickin dicks in like Racebannon. No Posit will eat you.

I have a thing in it, I don't really know what it is or where it came from. Well, sort of I do, but okay. It's slightly older, about 2 yrs. Read it here: Obsessor(s)(s). It's short with very short sentences.

The new issue of New York Tyrant is so on point. It's sold out. Gordon Lish has a new story in it. It's like three pages long and in many ways unlike anything I've read by him. It made me laugh out loud and say "fuck" at the end for how good it was. I've read about half of the issue so far and everything is spectacular, esp. Michael Kimball's piece from DEAR EVERYBODY which is going to crush skulls on arrival. Kimball also has an interview with Gary Lutz that crushes and Lutz has a new story that crushes. Eugene Marten's thing crushes.

New York Tyrant crushes.


Josh Maday said...

Ken Baumann is kickin dicks

laughed at that.

good work in NO POSIT.

right on about New York Tyrant: Kimball, Lutz, etc. kickin dicks and crushing skulls all around.

colin bassett said...

no posit is dominant

Ken Baumann said...

goddamn NYTYRANT is sexy.

i want.

i can't have.