Saturday, May 3, 2008


You can now order print versions of my chapbook PRETEND I AM THERE BUT VERY LITTLE via Publishing Genius, or you can use the files on the site to print your own for free. It's $4 on the site or something. That is cheap.

I have read Kevin Wilson's THE DEAD SISTER HANDBOOK from Diagram 6.1 countless times in the past week. I just kind of leave it open and stare at it. Another instance of employing cultural objects imbued with some kind of transmutative sensing. I would like to make an anthology of those kind of texts.

Nearly finished redrafting WHERE AM I WHERE HAVE I BEEN WHERE ARE YOU. Is that the name? The first redraft added several thousand words. There are now 43664 words. I only deleted two paragraphs from the original writing. Brief sections are coming out at Wigleaf, Pequin and Brian Foley's brand new forthcoming web journal SIR!, and I think a couple other places. I am still thinking about the nature of the whole.

I don't want to say anything else.

Except today while running I saw two huge ducks on the lawn outside my old middle school. There are no bodies of water near the school. They were just standing there on the lawn looking around. I tried to get near them and they wouldn't let me. I don't blame them.


Josh Maday said...

yes, i ordered a copy of each chapbook. i am excited to get them and touch them and look at them and read them. can't beat the price. i would like to mail you my copy of PIATBVL and have you sign it with your fingerprints using the color ink of your choosing and then have you mail it back to me.

looking forward to reading stuff from the new novel. earthquake, man. i'm not kidding. look it up: seismic activity just happened to be a lot more frequent in the u.s. while you were working on the new novel. i'm just saying.

Ken Baumann said...

i purchased a copy. i agree on earthquakes. don't write anything that fast again i live in los angeles FUCKED


thats awesome thank you for ordering. i am glad.

i think i am addicted to fast writing now. boom boom