Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New York Tyrant 5 / 50 Lists / EVER

New York Tyrant 5 is out, available for sale on their brand new website, which is quite a thing to behold.

The new issue is a mindfuck w/o even touching, including some crazy brilliance, among them: Alex Balk, Eugene Marten, Jason Schwartz, Eva Talmadge, Gordon Lish, Atticus Lish, Sam Michel, Brad Gayman, John Haskell, Cooper Renner, Michael Scott Ryan, Oscar Williams, Ryan Call, Blake Butler, Julian Zadorozny, Ronald Hobbs, M. Thomas Gammarino, Conor Madigan, R.E. Bowse, Justin Taylor, Julian Kudritzki, Pasquino, Greg Mulcahy, M Sarki, S.G. Miller, Joshua Furst, David Nutt, Sarah Manguso, Patrick Leonard, Jeffrey Lewis, Thomas a Kempis, Jody Barton.

Atticus Lish. Hmm, that is intriguing.

And featuring an unbeatable cover:

These always sell out instantly, so check out the website and pick up a copy before they are gone.

My story 'Want for Wish for Nowhere' in the issue is I think the last one I wrote for SCORCH ATLAS, and also maybe my favorite in the collection. I am stoked to have it in such an incredible venue.

I don't know how anyone has time to do anything.

I am reading STORIES IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE by Yannick Murphy and THE EXTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE by Michael Ives. Both are insanely good in insanely different ways.

I finished the 50th list in my set of lists 50 finally the other day. After about 2 years working on them, it is weird to know I will not be continuing in that form, though it also a huge relief in a way. I just realized it's been 2 year since I started as I typed that. Really bizarre.

Here, for sentiment's sake, is the first one I did, before I realized it would be a series, published on Juked. I like how that one is so vastly different in process and method from how the 50th list ended up, and the array in between. Here is the second one, written the day after the first. I have no idea who I could send such a thing to for consideration of publication, but we'll see.

A complete list of the lists as they stand now has been updated here.

I still have a lot of work going back to fix the lists that sucked by completely replacing a couple and getting rid of the excess lines, then trying to get back into the mindset of the time I wrote it (as each list for the most part was written in one sitting). Hopefully by the end of the year I will have that project completely finished and can start a series of 100 lists of 100 or something mentally fucked as such.

I am not going to do that.

EVER is in final stages. Derek sent a mock up of cover and final PDF version for me to read one last time. Weird of that. One more blurb forthcoming and finalizing of shits, and it is on.

I am making a webpage for the book, I did some and then stopped, but here is a preview of the page: EVER. It's just a mock up really but I feel like putting it out there so I'll actually work on it. A lot more to come there.

I have 3 novels sitting on my hard drive that I should be sending out but I am tired. All written this year. Life of paper.


Keith Montesano said...

Awesome about the lists. I'm going to keep bugging you about getting them out. A bunch more will get snagged. I have a feeling someone out there would certainly be willing to publish that once you get it in manuscript form.

Page for EVER looks good.

What's 2009 going to bring is the real question?

Darby said...

A Gary Lutz blurb. I am in awe.


thanks keith. you mentioning them a bunch might be the only reason i eventually went back. otherwise i felt tired. i don't know where to send anymore.

2009 i am going to eat human flesh, i can feel it


darby, yes, i threw up on myself a little that day, and happily ate it back down, crying

Keith Montesano said...

I think I sent you that updated list of emailed journal submissions... maybe I didn't.

As much as it may seem like a cop-out or falsity or whatever, you have to use your books coming out as catalyst in the cover letter. Publications shmublications as far as single journals (aka: me), but with books and chapbooks and novellas and shit, people will start taking second looks.

Keith Montesano said...

Yeah, I did send you the list.

But you're insane like me and have probably sent everywhere and know all of them anyway.

Either way, I'd be fucking thrilled to have that many lists to send out...

Take a day and carpet bomb the shit out of everyone.

Jon Cone said...

Thank you for the book and journal recommendations.

jereme said...

your lists are my favorite writings from you

i have often wanted to copy the style

DOGZPLOT said...

i like the colors on the EVER site. good shit.


keith, i will try, i dont have it in me like i did last year

anony, yr welcome

jereme, barry, thank you

Keith Montesano said...

It's not something that needs to be done now. As long as you don't forget about the project. I know I'm not the only one who has faith in it as a collection... at some point.

See this yet? The issue looks good.


i am on a mission now to finish it. it is near enough to go

yeah sir is nice nice

Keith Montesano said...

the EVER site or the lists?


ha. i never know what i'm talking about. the lists i think i meant.

Keith Montesano said...

stupid dope fresh fly silly williness

jereme said...

pick best out of the 3 novels

destroy it