Friday, June 5, 2009

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HTML Giant is all new fresh faced n sexy, check out Gene's skillz GIANT

Gene is the fuckin boss, don't you forget it.

Today is the last day to enter the Lamination Colony contest, entries not in by midnight eastern time will probably be not read. More details here

New Evenson Fugue State posts coming in a variety of places over the weekend

I watched the last half of Bergman's 'Persona' last night, I have never seen that movie all the way through, just bits. I felt weird in the head for relating to it for some reason

I liked the scene waiting for her to step on glass

I am going to step on glass

I am a dollar bill right now

right now

032940000000000000000000 0 0000000000000000000

Oh, to the guy who left me a voicemail at 3:55 am last night, i think he said his name was moshard, who was looking for 'vitamins,' and who seemed adamant he 'had that cash,' sorry dude, i was actually sleeping for once, I hope you got your vitamins from 'jamon' or whoever you thought you were calling, you sounded concerned


don't bother knocking said...

sadwiches for lunch


lunch lunch dinner 4th meal

davidpeak said...

I love persona. It's got one of the best story-in-a-story sequences ever. The sex romp on the beach. Man oh man.

And glass. No kidding. I've stepped on three pieces of glass in the past two weeks. I am good with the tweezers.

Anonymous said...

New GIANT is hott like a comet. Reminds me of nighttime. Wonder if he could have made it so that during the "daytime" it was the old and the "nighttime" was the new.

Hott, regardless.

I wonder how many entries you got and how long it will take to read them. Should be a good time.

ryan said...

A sandwich is a food item made of one or more slices of bread with one or more fillings.

Michael Hessel-Mial said...

Persona is great! It gives David Lynch a run for his midgets.

Ryan, it's not just fillings, it's toppings too.