Tuesday, June 9, 2009

please chew my face

What dis?


I dunno. You tell me. What dat?

Have now read 90% of all entries. I believe there are 10 finalists, a handful of additional considerations, and etc. Lots of really impressive, interesting, innovative work, it is going to be really hard I think to judge in finality. More info as this parses, but should have contest results by the end of the week. Check back.

Big ups to my man Matt Bell on Keyhole picking up his collection 'HOW THEY WERE FOUND' for release next year!!

Things are happening to people.

Seems like I can't concentrate more than 3-5 minutes without being interrupted in one of 50 different forms during the day. At night at least it is much more quiet but by then my brain is often gone.

New Robot Melon has lots of good new words, including another of my Brian Evenson 'Fugue State' reviews, this of 'Girls in Tents' which originally appeared in Conjunctions, and is so far the book's most calm, reflective, and yet somehow still ultimately tense sections.

Also has many friends and pleasures in enjoyment Iredell, Lovelace, Berghoef, Young, Smith, in good light. Thanks to Stephen Daniel Lewis for the make.

Dudes outside the window again. I am going to go lay in the street.


Matt Bell said...

"Girls in Tents" is one of my favorites in the collection so far. I like what you said here:

"What occurs, then, as ‘Girls in Tents’ continues for the reader who has already come through the six prior stories’ cerebral terror-pleasure, is a wholly different sensation of waiting for the blow."

Absolutely-- I think I tried to say something similar to Evenson at AWP, in a broken, gushing, not very bright sort of way, and he very graciously listened to me not being able to express myself.

Thanks for the shout about the book, Blake-- You know I appreciate it!

J. A. Tyler said...

love the liquidator site. shoot me an update via email when you can. would love to hear the haps.

Crispin Best said...

hi butler, bell, tyler.
really i am just commenting here so i can receive follow-up comments in case anyone explains liquidator

Vaughan Simons said...

What Crispin said. Same reason.

Oh, and nice font. Nice fonts are so important on the web. And so cruelly ignored.


:) Matt

j,c,v, more soon

sam pink said...

the year of the liquidator intrigues me like "gabbo" in that episode of the simpsons.

Anonymous said...

Blake Butler = Hideo Kojima

You should add a countdown to a teaser trailer for YEAR OF THE LIQUIDATOR.

I think I missed one of your FUGUE STATE posts somewhere along there. I think I skipped from 5 to 7. The hell? Maybe I forgot how to count and spell.


actually 6 got skipped on accident, trying to disseminate to other blogs. i will put it up here tomorrow :)

Ken Baumann said...

yeah boi

Anonymous said...


The Man Who Couldn't Blog said...

i know what dat is.

i know.



a goony goo goo

Anonymous said...


part 6 (or any part) could be hosted at magazineofthedead.blogspot.com (just email me at