Sunday, June 28, 2009


Last night flew across a field of solid noise using bloated leaves that puttered water. There were houses in the layers, but after we left the lip we were afraid to land. Everyone below us had knives and torn clothes.

We crashed down in some post-apartment complex and found a way to break into a glassed-in house, though another man, a skinny white man with dark teeth, followed us in as well and was trying to inject us with something he carried in a bladder underneath his arm in hair. We abandoned the room through a small door in the back and found way onto a pulley system that took us to a building where several ruined homes had been appended. We were granted admittance by a kid I grew up with into an area where all these people were sitting around drinking and sitting in stairwells that filled the house.

The man with the black teeth was not granted admittance, but he continued to linger outside the area, coming to stand at various locations on the complex's perimeter, watching, as from the inside the building was mostly open air. I would often see him looking in, watching me move.

I was worried about you and yet we were trying to relax so we went separate ways and I talked to people I had not seen in a long time. At the center of the complex there was a swimming pool with no matter in it that people were jumping into. I could not see what happened to them after they jumped.

There were a lot of leaves and kids from a black metal band who did not seem to want me there. They kept leering and seeming to be about to do something else. My friend who had given admittance kept telling them to be cool.

I ate a meat stick that tasted like wire.

You were in a far off area of the complex. I could see you where you were but not with my eyes. You were walking through the stairwell parts and looking for another exit as there was something about the man with the black teeth.

You were a different you than the you I flew across the noise with, as that person had disappeared when we landed, and now was you.

I wanted to go and find you so that you would not go back out into the parts where the man with the black teeth was, and despite being able to see you (not with my eyes) I could not find you in the house, though at the far perimeter of one section there was a window in a room where no one else was. I saw you (not with my eyes) go into that room and there was the man with the black teeth on the other side of the glass. You did not seem scared.

Today leaving the house, in this light, I felt the man somewhere nearby, I got into the car and it was hot in the car. I feel the man nearby as well here now.

Here are words.


Ken Baumann said...

gorsh dang

is this from the new one?

i like a lot


just a sleep journal, that's all


thanks ken

Ani Smith said...

Note to self: must not read Blake's before bed.

sasha fletcher said...

this made me want to hold you close.

this was great.

Michael Hessel-Mial said...

That was neatsy.