Friday, June 5, 2009

I went up north uh and got some holy

Derek White wrote one of the sentences in EVER.

If someone guesses correctly in one guess which sentence it is, I will send that person a custom made mix cd of musics for you to enjoy and a book that you will probably like or something.

The 4th post in my series of posts about every story in Brian Evenson's Fugue State is now up at Corduroy Books, a look at 'Mudder Tongue' which originally appeared in McSweeney's.

Filthy Gorgeous Things is a sexy website about being sexy, it has naked pictures on it, it published my brief essay in their new issue: The Female Body as Conduit: Fleshy Corridors in the World(s) of David Lynch.

'This is not not a Contest' received more than 100 entries, I have yet to count the final count. I have read about 15% of them so far. I have marked two of those for consideration as finalists. I will try to complete this and have results by the end of next week, hopefully.

I just ate refried beans off of a large, white, plastic mixing bowl spoon.

I am very tired I still haven't slept right in about 2 weeks now.

I only want to type short declarative sentences starting with the word I from now on.

Look, me reviewed Andrew Zornoza's 'Where I Stay' from Tarpaulin Sky Press.

Me think you should watch this cool documentary on the making of U.S. Maple's amazing ACRE THRILLS album (might wanna skip to 4:30, as the beginning is just jacking around). Al Johnson's vocal recording techniques make me want to rent a hotel room and sit on the nightstand. Go read dude's lyrics n whatnot. Google U.S. Maple lyrics. It's fun.



christopher higgs said...

Fantastic Lynch essay!

Your ideas about the connective fiber in his films were really thought provoking. The role of the female body, the other space, etc.

If I edited a literary/scholarly journal I would solicit you to write an extended version of that essay in which you elaborated on that concept.

But since I don't edit a literary/scholarly journal I will conclude this comment by saying that I think Pig Babi is a pretty good moniker.

Derek White said...

hmm, even I'm gonna have to dig deep to remember which one it was. Or am I exempt?

Richard Serra said...

something to do with slathering vaseline?


thanks Chris, i do want to expand it, may do so, thank you for the encouragement

Richard Serra might have also written one of the sentences as well.

Pig Babi!

ryan said...

A fugue state, formally Dissociative Fugue (previously called Psychogenic Fugue) (DSM-IV Dissociative Disorders 300.13), is a rare psychiatric disorder characterized by reversible amnesia for personal identity, including the memories, personality and other identifying characteristics of individuality.