Tuesday, June 23, 2009

'my mother's letters addressed to nonexistent hotels'

People wondering about the results of the Scorch Atlas Remix contest: I've been slowly reading and things are coming together. We plan to have the results to you announced in early July, and the publication of the remix book coming shortly thereafter. More on that as it arrives.

The Scorch Atlas books themselves are about to be on their way: shipped from the printers door tomorrow.

Anybody interested in reviewing who isn't already on my list, please drop me a line with where you think you could place a write up. I'd love to send you a book.

Also, will be on Featherproof Dollar Store tour from July 3-14th, selling early copies (it won't hit stores until Sept.), check dates from Texas to NYC and elsewhere here.

Also will be doing another tour in September mostly in the Northeast with Robert Lopez and Sam Ligon, more on that soon.

A huge honor to have Dennis Cooper name EVER in his candidates for his Best of 2009 Top Ten Lists.

An insanely cool collage of art objects and powerhouses, from the man himself.

My review of the 11th story in Brian Evenson's Fugue State 'Invisible Box' is up at the Identity Theory blog Book Rate

I feel behind on so much, it is impossible to keep up, how does anybody do anything

Telling you now: Mike Young's MC Oroville's Answering Machine is a power energy monster. So happy to have that series of texts together in one place. It's $3.5. You just have to buy it.

Attila Bartis's 'Tranquility' (from the incredible Archipelago Books) is also stroking me inside:

But what would you do, Mr. Writer, if at pig-slaughtering time they handed you the blood bowl to hold, eh? You'd drop it like a hot potato, wouldn't you? About that, Mr. Principal, you are mistaken; I'd just get a better grip on it.

I'm really going to try now to write on this paragraph-turned-novel that is now entering 15k words from having meant to be 500 | saving in the filename 'black fields.doc' | I am really going to pay attention |


Ken Baumann said...

that cocteau picture is perfect, yes

can i help with anything?


you can destroy all social networking websites permanently?

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Ken Baumann said...

i can try


look, there's sean, the nacho pussy

Ken Baumann said...


peter markus said...

I'm pretty good with a sledgehammer. Would that help?


peter, yes please, let's handle them.

Ross Brighton said...

What is the Scorch atlas Remix thing? It sounds fascinating. I'm a fan of textual remixing. It's a pitty I missed out on it.


hey ross, yeah, sorry you missed man, results are pending