Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bleed Magazine & feces

A couple of my friends in Atlanta are starting a new art/literary magazine and are looking for submissions of all kinds of stuff. You should send them something. Check it out here. They are trying to get things together by the end of the month but there's still a lot they are looking for, so it'd be a good chance to see print without having to fellate or massage or stroke anyone or anything, know what I mean?

Today I got an email from the web journal Exquisite Corpse about a short thing I sent them in January 2006. I ended up withdrawing it a couple weeks later as it was published here. Here is what their 21 month-long reply said: Corpse is against feces. Sorry, eds

Cute, dudes.

I sent them back a brief rejection letter rejection letter: Blake is against responses for submissions sent more than 21 months ago and already withdrawn. Sorry, b

There is a new release from Calamari Press available now and it looks pretty cool.

I found I have an extra copy of Gordon Lish's PERU. If anyone wants to trade for it or just wants it for free, let me know.


Mike Young said...

Is PERU terrible? If it's anything other than terrible, it's probably interesting.

Have you read James Purdy?

P.S. I like how we have like seven different conversations going at once.


Peru actually is one of the few Lish books I haven't read yet, though I hear a lot of people say they like it best. I went on a bit of a Lish tear last summer and somehow pooped out before I got to it. You want it? I'll mail. Worth a shot anyway. He's pretty entertaining.

i have read none james purdy.

wanna talk about lithuanian weight lifters?

christopher higgs said...

I love the idea of rejection letter rejection letters.

jereme said...

I find it humorously ironic that a magazine named "exquisite corpse" has a problem with turds.

And that it took almost 2 years to come to the decision that they are against stories with turds in it.

Serious literature only for them

Kendra Grant Malone said...

"orpse is against feces. Sorry, eds"

that is so incredibly shitty.

im glad you sent them a sassy email. go you. go team you.


i actually have a full length rejection letter rejection letter i wrote one day. i'm gonna use it soon.

jereme said...


You should mail them a dog turd as a submission.

That would be funny.

Use dry ice though. Otherwise it might get flagged by the Post Office.

Anonymous said...

rejection letters make my face hot & my right nostril crinkle. i sometimes feel like i think i want to smash something; my laptop screen, my dog's face, my mother's face. i like feeling like this. sometimes i send out intentional shit so i can receive more rejection letters so my face can feel hot & my nose can crinkle & i can feel like i think i want to smash my laptop screen, my dog's face, my mother's face.


i wish they still hurt my feelings.