Thursday, September 13, 2007

quick fiction #12

you can now preorder the 12th issue of Quick Fiction via their website. i have a piece 'Gravel' in the issue. it also features the work of awesome people like Chris Bachelder, Kim Chinquee, Girijia Tropp, Matthew Purdy and Seth Fried, among others.

it costs $7. look at it and who's in it by clicking here.

here are the first 55 words of my 415 word story:

The day the sky rained gravel I watched it drum my father's car. A Corvette he'd spent years rebuilding. He'd liked to watch his face gleam in the hood. He kissed the key before ignition. He read the owner's manual aloud. When he lost the strength to stand he left it uncovered in the street.

to read the rest, buy up the issue. i am excited about its arrival.

in order to receive this publication i photocopied my testicles and enlarged them using the resize function on my mother's HP PSC 500 printer until they were each the size of a small room. i then express mailed copies in pink leather valises to 15 regional senators and heads of state, who i promised i would tattoo their next campaign slogan on my scrotum if they agreed to write to jennifer and adam pieroni and demand acceptance of my story.

all members of the underground backdoor secret conspiracy writer's illuminati please meet me at pier 159 tomorrow evening at 8:15 to discuss our coming overthrow of our nation's more uncooperative editors.

thank you.


christopher higgs said...

Did you know that married women in my town write poems about you?

For the record, I don't know her.

Beverly Nelson said...

and your advice to female writers would be...?

you're now at my place.


women should also join the illuminati. as long as you know the secret handshake.

i'm now at your place? wha you mean?


chris: i saw that'n. heh.

jereme said...

Is that 8:15 eastern or pacific? I'm all fucked since they changed the time zones.

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