Thursday, September 27, 2007


I got props today from Bookslut, via Jason B. Jones, for the NOO Journal piece. That is nice to see.

Today I received a copy of VAAST BIN by Michael Peters. It looks awesome.

Does anybody know of a good print journal that likes to publish work that is simultaneously ridiculous/funny/grotesque? I am about to finish a story about the beginning of a new apocalypse on the TV show Friends, but I have no idea who would want it. It is too long to be online.


Miss Darrow said...

Congrats on the Bookslut nod.

Josh Maday said...

Kudos on the props at Bookslut.

I know you've already been there, but Barrelhouse would probably enjoy a piece of Friends apocalypse fiction. Or try a slipstream venue like Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet. Who knows, with the touch you seem to have you should probably just send it to Esquire or Playboy. I wish you the best.

dave said...

Blake -- this is dave from Barrelhouse. Send that friends story to us. To me.

And if you mow my lawn for a whole year, and babysit for my kid every friday night, and find me an entire set of mint condition charlie's angels trading cards -- from the farrah season, so don't try to get by with any of this cheryl ladd bullshit, okay? -- we just might publish it.

Seriously, send that story along, if you're not sick of us already. Sounds pretty well up our alley.