Thursday, September 27, 2007


I got props today from Bookslut, via Jason B. Jones, for the NOO Journal piece. That is nice to see.

Today I received a copy of VAAST BIN by Michael Peters. It looks awesome.

Does anybody know of a good print journal that likes to publish work that is simultaneously ridiculous/funny/grotesque? I am about to finish a story about the beginning of a new apocalypse on the TV show Friends, but I have no idea who would want it. It is too long to be online.


Susannah said...

Congrats on the Bookslut nod.

Josh Maday said...

Kudos on the props at Bookslut.

I know you've already been there, but Barrelhouse would probably enjoy a piece of Friends apocalypse fiction. Or try a slipstream venue like Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet. Who knows, with the touch you seem to have you should probably just send it to Esquire or Playboy. I wish you the best.

dave said...

Blake -- this is dave from Barrelhouse. Send that friends story to us. To me.

And if you mow my lawn for a whole year, and babysit for my kid every friday night, and find me an entire set of mint condition charlie's angels trading cards -- from the farrah season, so don't try to get by with any of this cheryl ladd bullshit, okay? -- we just might publish it.

Seriously, send that story along, if you're not sick of us already. Sounds pretty well up our alley.