Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pineapple War

The new online journal PINEAPPLE WAR has just debuted with a short poem of mine titled 'INSTRUCTIONAL POEM FOR GRAND ENTRANCE'.

Check out the poem and the site and while you're at it, submit something. It looks like it is going to be nice.

To receive this publication I forced a screwdriver into my left nostril until I felt a puncture. I crawled along the floor and sniffed my brain up full with itch and I went to the white wall in my mother's kitchen and sneezed her portrait. For her hair, I used the darker blood. For her eyes, I kicked out holes. For her voice, I lay and waited and am waiting and will wait.


Samantha Duncan said...

I stumbled onto your blog the other day and thought I'd leave a note. Pineapple War looks like it's off to a good start...I'll have to dig out something to submit that I haven't sent to every other 'zine known to man.

I like the poem, too. Seeing it published was worth the strenuous effort, I hope?

Josh Maday said...

Beautiful and Sublime poem. Pineapplewar is a sweet looking journal. virginia woolf is doing good work there.


thanks be to ye.

send her something!