Thursday, October 25, 2007

Black Warrior Review 34.1

The new issue of Black Warrior Review is out now. It is the "Sad Animal issue."

I have a nonfiction piece in it, another list, titled: CURSE LOOP.

Here's a teaser:

1. Yesterday a homeless woman stopped me walking in the street and asked if she could have the root beer I was drinking.
2. When I told her no she pointed at my head and hissed.
3. She said, 'You won't feel so good tomorrow, mister.'
4. She was right.
5. Today I have a stomachache and some kind of throbbing in my head. To the point I had to sit down to keep from fainting.
6. Half a cantaloupe in the trashcan has made my whole apartment stink.
7. A sweetish stink, though. Almost pleasant. On the cusp of bad cologne.
8. That birds die by explosion from eating wedding rice is a myth, though I imagine it would be interesting to see.
9. Some days I wish I'd take time to go feed bread to ducks.
10. Some days the best thing that happens is taking your shoes and socks off after walking.
11. Some days I feel nothing in my heart.

The line-up on this issue is absolutely sick. Other contributors include: Bob Hicok, Joy Williams, Lee Klein, Raymond Federman, Danielle Pafunda and many others.

They also have a nice new website.

To receive this publication, I ate at Taco Bell and donated my gonads to a sick child.


Tao Lin said...

your non-fiction piece looks really nice and i want to read the joy williams piece and the cover looks nice, i'm excited

i submitted a chapbook to them for their next issue


thank tao. i hope they publish your chapbook.

Josh Maday said...

good work, blake. i still wish i was you. or tao lin.

jereme said...

blake is a motherfucking power house.

he is like the HIV in Africa, fucking everywhere.

he is the flame and his prose the smoke, suffocating the southern california coast line.

or something like that. i drank a lot of jolt tonight.


seagulls do blow up with the right concoction, like alka seltzer.

keep up the good work.

Ash said...

Nice sharing space with you in the issue.


you too ash! i look forward to reading your work.