Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ninth Letter & Phoebe news and links and so on

So last night I about shit my pants when Andrew Ervin from one of my favorite literary magazines Ninth Letter called on the phone to let me know that they wanted to take my story 'The Gown From Mother's Stomach' for publication in their Spring 08 issue. I've never had a phone call acceptance before, and 9L is an amazing journal, so I've been in pretty great spirits since then. To the point I couldn't sleep last night. Supposedly my story was one that was unanimously voted to go in, which rarely happens without contention in their meetings. Thanks to Andrew and Jodee and all others involved with that. I feel blessed.

Not to mention that as soon as I got home from where I was when I got the phone call, I had another acceptance letter from Phoebe saying they wanted to publish my story 'Seabed,' which is the longest story I've ever had accepted anywhere, right around 6000 words. I think before this I'd never published anything longer than 2000. Another awesome journal. Thanks to Ryan Call for digging my stuff enough to take it.

Anyway, enough gloating, but I'm pretty fucking stoked.

Other things:

Anais Nohant blogged about me, particularly my David Lynch story and my sex pervert list. Thanks to Anais.

I now have a job writing a blog about poker (for a small amount of money) that you can look at here: Allpokeraddicts.com. I get more money if the site has a lot of traffic. You should click on that link. You should come back everyday and click on that link seven or eight times an hour while you're at your desk at work. I'd love you a lot. Allpokeraddicts.com Allpokeraddicts.com

Now I'm going to go eat sugar and feel okay.


Jason Jordan said...

Congrats on those publications. I don't know how you do it! Nice work, though.

Josh Maday said...

No kidding. Blake Butler is everywhere! Huge congrats, man. Ninth Letter is indeed an amazing journal, and Phoebe is another excellent mag. Helluva day, eh?

Anonymous said...

i want to read a whole book written by you. more. i want to buy 1242147214621946214 copies and put them into a room and then invite people to come in this room and tell them to have sex in this room and their sexual experiences will be heightened by 31134123%.

if i refresh the page does that count as traffic. if i refresh it 120002020 times how much more money do you get.


thanks jason and josh.

thank you virginia. people having sex in a room full of books i wrote is an image i like to enjoy. thank you for providing it. hopefully i will finish one of these books to the point of good completion and happiness of myself and others.

i don't know if refreshing counts. i used to know but i don't think i know anymore. i think if you every few hours it resets. definitely at least every day. if you refresh it that many times i'd probably get a good amount of money and i'd probably spend it on sugar.

jereme said...

I am glad for you.

I am glad that people like your writing.

It doesn't really matter though as long as you enjoyed writing it.

I play a lot of poker.

I have paid bills by playing poker.

I can write a script to go to that link every X minutes if you want.


You're right jereme. i did enjoy writing it.

if you write a script to return to that page a lot i will kiss you face via email.

jereme said...

Yeah no problem. I will do it after I get some sleep.

I will email you.

Tao Lin said...

good job on ninth letter, i wanted to be in for a long time, they rejected me a few times


thank tao. yeah, it took me 3-4 tries before something stuck there. goom.

jereme said...

You guys are better people than I am.

Once a journal rejects me I stop submitting.

I feel worthless and dumb.

christopher higgs said...

Congrats, man. Ninth Letter is an uber coup. I've been banging my stuff against their closed door for a while now. I look forward to seeing what they do with your story graphics-wise. There stuff always looks great.

ryan call said...

"seabed" is good; everyone here will like it when they read it, if they havent already read it already

we are very glad he submitted it to us

it will make the next issue of phoebe very good

thank you blake

Matt DeBenedictis said...

wow, congrats on the call!