Monday, January 28, 2008

LC & Ron Mueck

The new issue of LAMINATION COLONY is filling up quickly. I've gotten a ton of awesome stuff in a very short time. I am excited. It's going to be a really killer issue. If you're considering submitting, please do it now. Otherwise, submissions will be considered for the next issue. Submissions for the next issue will now officially close on February 8th. Thanks to everyone.

On that same page, there's going to be a little surprise release coming out right before the new issue debuts. I'm not going to say much about what it is yet but I am super excited about it. It is slightly evil. It makes my arms hurt. You should be excited. More on that later this week.

Also, I just found this sculpture artist, RON MUECK. Wow:

I want to see that in person.


Prathna Lor said...
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Ken Baumann said...

I am excited for the upcoming issue.

I want to submit again. I want to submit a piece of fiction for the next next issue, not the criticism issue. I'll do that.

Those sculptures have always scared me.

Stephen Daniel Lewis said...

I saw a book of those sculptures once, some didn't have people next to them so it took me a while to notice how big those are. they are pretty awesome.

I am also excited, I enjoy reading LC.

Brian Foley said...

I used to work in a museum that housed the mother with the child on her belly. People would polk at it often and I would yell at them not to. That was a job.

mh said...

Ron Mueck was displayed at the Brooklyn Musuem last Jan. I went for the Annie Liebowitz but enjoyed his more.

In person they're so real right down to hairs spouting out their arms.

They were so effective at provoking a knee jerk emotional response.

Catherine Lacey said...

I love his work. "Big Man" in DC was the first thing I ever saw. It's disarming. He was having a really hostile staring contest with Andy Warhol when I went.

The Man Who Couldn't Blog said...

I really like Ron Mueck. I've always wanted to see Dead Dad. It's tiny.

He (Mueck) was a part of the Sensation show. You could, for a while, listen online to David Bowie walking you through Sensation. About Dead Dad he said:

"What if somebody steps on him?"

jereme said...

Wow, the level of detail is fucking staggering. Those sculptures look real. I am glad you posted about him. I want to see his work now too.

I must admit though, knowing who I am, the first thing I would do is try to touch the giant vagina. Or at least finally find a damn clitoris.

It's got to be big enough for me to find it.

Or i'm hopeless.

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