Thursday, April 3, 2008

Editing Snafu Avenged + New Lamination Colony

Just got an email from HARPUR PALATE accepting the 'TOUR OF THE DROWNED NEIGHBORHOOD' story I discussed about 10 days ago wherein FAULTLINE wanted to accept and then tried to get in the butt, causing my decline. No request for Frankensteining from HP. Looks like waiting paid off.

Speaking of rewrites, I am finally getting together the new issue of LAMINATION COLONY. It's got some sick shit in it including an incredible 'epic-length' poem from fellow Georgian IAN DAVISSON called ACHY MUSCLES which will crush several skulls, as well as a totally new face for the whole site, and the lost works of DICK PALACE. I'm stoked on it. Somebody send me a weird video collage or a picture of their mom or something.

Maybe I should erase my pissy post from earlier today.



Ken Baumann said...

I am excited for the new LC.

Josh Maday said...


what ken said.

congrats on HP. blake butler is an earthquake. hurricane. tsunami. tornado. good job.

Ryan Downey said...

achy muscles is good.

ian is good.

Ryan Downey said...

i don't have a video collage. I have a video with no visuals that plays a song i made about google. it is on my blog.

excited to see new lc.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing from Dirk Dangleberry?