Monday, May 19, 2008

i dont go out often

Went to the emergency room early Sunday morning. Was at a friend's party. Bought a bottle. At the package store I walked around for almost 20 minutes, couldn't think of what. Went to the counter, asked for the blue one of Smirnoff. Didn't realize blue meant triple distilled. Didn't realize triple distilled meant strong. I drank the whole thing and blacked out and I guess kept drinking.

Guess that's the 3rd time ever I've blacked out, all this year. The first time was on new year's day, woke up in a bathtub with a girl pissing in front of me.

This time woke up with my head inside a CAT scan machine wearing someone else's clothes and an IV. Okay.

Yesterday I slept.

Nice bruise on my forehead and elbow. I was carried to a car by 4 men while yelling where did Brian Jones go.

I remember eating cake. I remember saying something about how I like 'bitch' drinks, and two girls I did not looking at me like they wanted to crush my head. Had to explain men are more often bitches.

I remember kicking a wall repeatedly. I remember screaming something about Three 6 Mafia.

On the other side of the partition from where I was laying when I woke up a foreign man was answering questions about his prostate cancer. He could not piss.

Beer from here a while I think.

Was going to start reading THE LOST BOOKS OF THE ODYSSEY by Zachary Mason today but then got in the mail IN THE BLIND by Eugene Marten, which I ordered after reading his thing in NEW YORK TYRANT, and started reading the first page and haven't stopped except for this. IN THE BLIND has blurbs by Gordon Lish and Brian Evenson and a comparison to SUTTREE, my second favorite book of all time. So far it more than lives up.

Good things are going to happen.


ryan call said...

wow, blake

that sounds exciting.

what should i expect for baltimore?

ryan call said...

oh also, i should add: glad you are fine.


oh are you gonna be in the house?

hopefully you should expect me to not die or throw up on anyone.

Adam R said...

stay friday joe young and i will teach you to drink

Kendra Grant Malone said...

oh baby . . .

Zachary German said...

welcome to the club

Ani Smith said...

Funny what you choose to remember: cake and Three Six Mafia and girls who don't like you.

[Glad you're okay.]

Josh Maday said...

glad you're okay, man. please do not destroy yourself until after your 80th birthday. a small favor.

getting In the Blind soon. looks good.

Mike Young said...

Geez dude. I am relieved that you're still with us.


thanks folks.

yes, in the blind, get it.

jereme said...

You were on a bender that's all. No big deal.

At least you woke up in a hospital. I've woken up in county jail a few times now and it is a fucked up situation all the way around.

When you stop caring where you end up after drinking then theat's when you need to evaluate your life.

Your fine for now. Just don't kill yourself or if you do, do so in dramatic fashion so you can be branded a literary genius and be the topic of conversation for a couple weeks.

none said...

oh blake- i just began reading your blog!
come to china and perhaps we can wind up in prison together... you won't remember a thing.