Friday, May 30, 2008


NEW HEAVY is live. Please look/link/bookmark/something. Daily updated bizarre and skronk shit crap babble net squeal. Those interested in assistance please inquire, though I don't know what I will do.

If you link or blog and email me, I will link you back. SWOLLEN FUCKERRRERERERS.

NEW HEAVY will also feature user submissions of a non-literary nature. Currently accepting human photo series(es). See 'CHASMS' on site for info.

This will continue to develop.



Got my copy of GRAVITY'S RAINBOW/MASON & DIXON, a collaborative chapbook between Shane Jones and Chris Killen. A really fantastic concept squatting on Pynchon's monsters (I actually really love the real GR, though couldn't get into MR and still haven't come anywhere near AGAINST THE DAY) with a tiny dual sided zine I read both sides of in one shitting sitting. Weird little sometimes Edson-ish skronk of stroke your throat level. I am enjoyed both sides quite a bit, they were funny, interestingly written, fun, smart, cute, nice, good, something. I used Shane and Chris's chapbook to help me take the most satisfying shit of the new year. Thanks guys.

I think they gave away all the copies in their limited edition, but maybe if you email them they will make more.


Shane Jones said...

glad we could help out.

chris killen said...

i kind of feel like you used it afterwards to wipe your ass with, too.

i also kind of feel, commenting directly after shane, like we are becoming a 'comedy double-act' or something.


did that comment sound mean?

it wasn't meant mean.

i meant i really enjoyed sitting and reading while i took a shit and that its length behooved this.

i hope thats clear.

the chapbook is laying on my bed right now with no shit on it.

oh yeah, the conversation on the covers is funny.

jereme said...

It does seem kind of odd you two are posting together.

Was there a planned meeting outlining which blogs you two would be commenting on together or did it just fall into place like kismet.


Newheavy looks interesting. I started watching a video of a fat white trash teen smoking cigarettes and drinking from a neon colored plastic cup. I got depressed after listening for 2 minutes.

She reminded me of walmart. I wonder if she smells like walmart too.

chris killen said...

no, it wasn't mean. it was funny. i liked what you wrote.

yes, we have a 'posting shedule'. it is carefully 'choreographed' to create optimum internet interest. shane jones should be posting on here again, 4:15pm your time.

Shane Jones said...

am i early? shit, i'm early. hi everyone!


you guys should take this show out on the road

people would see your head

Mike Young said...

You sexy clever men.

It's new, mother; it's heavy.

Ken Baumann said...

i like the new blog design

new heavy is becoming massive and good

shane and chris: you will fill the Hollywood bowl, Rockefeller center, etc.

Tao Lin said...

i like the new blog design also


thank you mike ken tao

Darby said...

Have you watched the whole cremaster cycle? I watched them all sequentially and I think the intended effect is supposed to happen when you watch them all at the same time, like on five different screens. Anyway, I like Barney. Good stuff on newheavy.


yeah i saw them in a row several years ago when they came to atlanta 'on tour'. that was a nice long day in the theater i went alone

3 is the masterpiece i think but i also really like the others for what they are, particularly 2 and 5

Darby said...

I like 1 a lot. I don't know why. It's the simplest one. I agree about 3 though, definitely the masterpiece. They're all online in their entirety for free as bittorrents at


oh damn i had no idea, awesome! i am downloading now. ive been wanting to watch again.

yeah 1 is so good for its spatial moving, i love the orchestration of it and the colors.