Saturday, May 24, 2008


New online journal: BEAR CREEK FEED, does long fiction, beginning with the longest piece of KIM CHINQUEE I've ever seen, and it is nice. The site looks nice. Glad to see a new site of new nature. Good job to Colin Bassett.

New issue of SLEEPINGFISH is out: I am holding it, have not read yet, it looks massive good and has more hair than your mother. Includes Miranda Mellis, Rick Moody, Dawn Raffel, Norman Lock, Kathy Fish, Elizabeth Ellen, Kathryn Regina, Brian Foley, John Dermot Woods, Eugene Lim and about everyone else you could ever want to hump.

PUBLISHING GENIUS reading in Baltimore was massive fun. Adam Robinson is a kingly host and lots of fun to hang with. Michael Kimball is super nice and has a sweet tooth that rivals mine. Great to have Ryan Call in the house. All the readers were entertaining and never induced distraction. It was nice to do a reading after several years of not. Hope to more now.

In a gas station on the way home I watched two redneck men and one woman arguing about how many condoms they needed to buy out of the bathroom vending machine in all earnestness. One of them bought 4. One bought none and harrumphed.

Got an oil change at a gas station that had a rooster walking around the pumps, eating out of its trough containing chicken tenders, white bread rolls and sliced zucchini.

I feel covered in muck from all the public restrooms.

Every mile looked the same.

America is scary.


Michael Kimball said...

It was great to meet you in person after reading so much of your work and also to hear you read your work out loud, which made me hear better how to read your work in my head. Come back to Baltimore some time so we can do this all again.

jereme said...

Big city is no different though. Mental perversion abounds.

Glad you had a good reading. You need to come out west so I can come heckle you.


michael, yes i am glad we got to hang out. i am still impressed with how you pulled those certain words out of that list. most awesome. soon again definitely.


jereme, you're right. every inch.

haha i like heckling its makes a reading. let's go

jereme said...

I heckle to remind the guy/gal reading to not be so fucking serious.

I remember the first time i went to a slam poetry reading I was into it and the guy encouraged the audience to talk at him.

SO I yelled show me your tits and he stopped in mid reading, lifted up his shirt and showed me his man nipples.

I enjoyed that very much.

Buddy Wakefield did that. Go to one of his readings if you ever get the chance. His stuff is pretty solid.

Adam R said...

Thanks again for coming Blake. So much greatness, I feel like I just got back from vacation.

Everyone will be happy to know that at the reading there was man breast.

Kathryn said...

blake i am so happy that you implied that people might want to hump me.

i was in the atlanta airport last weekend. i looked around for you a little bit.

also, i think it was in that airport that i saw an old man walking around with a cane and a t-shirt that said "i beat anorexia."


adam, thank you for having me.

kathy, the atlanta airport used to be so much fun.