Monday, May 26, 2008

URLs Purchasings

I just bought a bunch of URLs, like 8 of them.


One time I wrote SQUIRTERS.NET as a joke on here and lots of people have googled that keyword, but I couldn't buy SQUIRTERS.NET.


Google owns so many permutations of their site name, it's insane.

I almost bought INFODATAINFORMATIONINFORMATIONINFORMATION.INFO and several permutations of URLs involving the word DICK plus weird things after. DICKPALACE.COM is already taken. DICKCONGLOMERATE.COM and DICKBONANZA.COM are both free. I want to start a porn site for money but not do any of the work acquiring porn. Porn is boring.

Google, buy GOOGLEINFO.INFO from me, I won't charge much.

Oh man.

I'm not sure why I just did that.


Ken Baumann said...

i support your decisions.

we should use whatever domains you have to promote ourselves/NC

lohan's tits will sell copies of NC

Josh Maday said...

those are fine acquisitions.

try GIRLSWITHPENISES.COM or dot something. i posted once about how henry darger drew pictures of girls with penises because he didn't know any better, and i get tons of people googling that and finding my site. also, try BLEEDINGSINUSDRAINAGE.COM. that's pretty popular, too. or BLEEDING______DRAINAGE.COM. fill in the blank with anything.

i'm working on something for NC. hope to finish soon.

p said...

is already taken?


urls will become something soon maybe

there are so many good ones. i got caught up in collecting them like baseball cards for about 2 hours. i refuse to look anymore in fear of spending.

hungangels, hmm.

jereme said...

I am going to date myself but back when the internet was new and I was 15 (we are talking early 90's here) domain registration was free. You just had to go through the process of paperwork and provide a static IP address (which was rare back then).

I remember guys coming on IRC (chat program ) with some funny host names.

Who knew the government was going to regulate that too and create a grey market industry for trivial domain names.

There are guys who buy and sell domain names for a living. They do it all year.

What a bore.


jereme, you are sometimes like a walking blackbook. i like it.

i want to learn how to buy/sell urls for a living. i would do it up.

Ryan Downey said...

i almost bought once.

i was trying to be preemptive.

i decided i couldn't feel good about making money off of that.


good job on buying domains.


you should have bought it.

my new hobby is to figure this out.

jereme said...

You are not the first person to call me a walking black book.

For some reason i'm the go to guy on drugs or technology among the people I associate with.

I've learned to accept it.

Hahaha I sound so pretentious.


its a good thing to be. i think. tell me about buying URLs

jereme said...

Well it's been awhile since I was involved in it but I can give you a few tips.

Domain selling is kind of like gambling. There is the slow steady school and the aggressive school.

I know guys who subscribe to various trade magazines and starts buying up domains that are related to upcoming movies, projects and etc. (assuming they haven't already been bought).

Or you can try to broker domains with the current owner and the person wanting it. Buy it low and resell it high.

You should also be aware that the guys who do it as a career have tools and other technologies at their aid while you don't.

A good thing to remember is don't search for domain names unless you plan on purchasing it immediately if it is available.

People run reports several times a day to see what domain names where searched as available and they buy them in bulk hoping to sell them back to some one who isn't as adept at this game.


yeah i've heard about those interloper moves. pretty smart. i've immediately bought anything i thought was actually good.

its a weird game, but i'm getting obsessed with it. like collecting baseball cards or something.