Friday, May 9, 2008


A very brief and very random excerpt from my novel is at WIGLEAF. Also there is a postcard I wrote to Wigleaf in 1 minute. The excerpt is calmer than a lot of the book. It is from a certain section of the book of

I don't want to explain.

I feel tired

i watched MISTER LONELY tonight and i don't think i thought it was what i had hoped it would be. it had moments. harmony korine seems off drugs. i am glad he's off drugs if he's off drugs. there are beautiful moments in the film. this film is not gummo and not julien donkey boy. i don't know what i think now i feel tired in a good way wrecked in a good way maybe split from rooms

i dont know

i have been editing 10 hours a day without really leaving the computer and not even using internet a lot which means i am engrossed because i live in an internet

coliseum or something

i am not unhappy i am flexed

i dont have my own space
i can't sleep again
shut up my bitching please a little
who am i

my dad has been bleeding through the nose several times a day and in the mouth it started while he was shitting earlier and he got it on his briefs

i remember wearing briefs being fat thinking briefs

boxers made no sense now they don't make sense they hang on you they are fabric who wears boxers i do

thank you to scott garson for publishing the section of the novel i think the novel is becoming

i made a

i think i changed that section a good bit in redrafting maybe i skipped it maybe it isn't i see errors in it i think errors are

i like to eat

indian foot is fucking badass i never knew that until last year

i meant indian food
but maybe foot is also badass

after i watched mister lonely i reread this by daniel spinks it made me feel pleasure maybe something else it made me feel i could see someone

daniel spinks is a great writer he is in the next issue of lamination colony

action yes publishes good things that come off like boxes of

sometimes in the novel pages i had all the lines broken up into a lot of white space and in revision i picked certain sections to take all the white space out and make big boxes of text for pages i like big boxes of

so fuck what

oh how i saw mister lonely its not in theaters here but you can watch it via comcast they let you rent it for $6.99 it is through IFC has a deal with them there are other movies i plan to rent and watch in my parents living room next to the box of stuff

keith montesano was who told me about that i read keith montesano's poetry manuscript it is called 'about ravishment' it is fucking real it is bleak as night i think bleak is

someone is going to throw up flowers when they realize they are going to publish keith montesano's manuscript

throw up throw up throw up brown rice and magma and a little chalk

i read it the first time in the dark on my laptop with the door shut in a room with no windows and it was hot and i felt choked

my dad sleeps with a plastic bag in case he starts bleeding again




Josh Maday said...

i love general tso's chicken like it was my favorite grandpa.

i like this post a lot, too. it's something more than a blog post. hope your dad gets better soon.

purple doritos = general tso's chickenn = yes yes mmm yes

p said...

new lamination?


thanks josh

ouchies arrive

peter, not yet but its coming in a while

Josh Maday said...

nice work in wigleaf. i want to read this novel. i still see the father shuddering with his eyes and mouth open. the mother stepping out the window with bloody feet. damn good stuff, blake.


thank you josh. i hope you will be able to read it soon. things are coming together. i am going to have to take it away from myself.

Anonymous said...

Dude, they are like Shrimp Ramen Noodles!!!