Sunday, June 15, 2008

elimae etc.

My dreams recently have become so long and vivid and brutal that I am usually more tired when I wake than when I went to sleep. It's beginning to get to me. I feel ripped to shreds.

New elimae. I have a paragraph in it, sort of from a new thing I am working on: DO NOT LOOK INTO THE MOTHER'S HEAD. A lot of interesting stuff there as always, haven't read most yet, but Matt Bell's novel excerpt in particular is strong and exciting.

Other recent good reading online: NONE OF IT GRACE by Mike Young @ Pindeldyboz and LOVE YOUR FRIENDS AND NOT YOUR LOVERS by Kendra Grant Malone @ Bore Parade.

I am returning THE SAVAGE DETECTIVES after quitting at page 150. Fuck that. Death worship. No.


Pet & Gone said...

your thing on elimae is good.


thank you brandi, yours made me laugh and hurt at the same time, which can not be beat.

jereme said...


There is an herb used by Shamans to enhance dream production. dreams are very vivid and taxing when you take it.

Perhaps you have a chemical imbalance right now.

You should try that herb some time though and see how your dreams turn out.

Psychonaught adventures.


might as well give it a go. i will look into it

jereme said...

If you ever want to try them:

jereme said...

uhg, i forget the comments get neutered if they are too long.


Matt Bell said...

I liked your elimae "paragraph" too-- The last line is surprisingly disturbing, and when I went back and read it again later it disturbed me all over again. That makes me think it's a pretty good paragraph, my friend.

Thanks for saying nice things about my writing. It only makes me like you more.


most appreciated matt :)

Ken Baumann said...

all things listed: FIRE