Thursday, June 26, 2008

i know exactly what my problem is

At 4:30 am the living room turns in a self-basting oven

I sit in the room with all the bullshit I've spouted in the past 9 months and we have a powwow power meeting

My bullshit is fucking pissed off

Do you understand the term 'host body' as well as 'evictor'?

When I look at the pages of books right now I mostly see dogs fucking goats or goats fucking dogs, I can't keep it straight, and the book won't close

I need to be a little serious maybe

My bullshit powwow power meeting told me to cancel this month's seasonal programming and start takin it for the man

Most of the time the problem is I don't have much of anything to say

I was at dinner last night with some people and just kind of sat there looking back and forth from heads like they were tennis

I just woke up from a dream from 11 am to 1 pm, my main sleep block this day, in which I had a coffee cup that was spurting liquid from it straight up in a heavy plume and I could put my face into it

In the plume there was like all these women working out and I talked to Justin Taylor about titles in his short story collection. Tao Lin was sitting under the table looking haggard and I asked him if he needed something to drink and he said no and I asked him about the reading I knew he had in the dream and he said he didn't want anyone to come to it he didn't want anyone to come and I said I understood and then I let Tao Lin be alone under the table

I know that at least one of the people who googles 'boy erection' and 'lindsay lohans tits' everyday to get here probably has a least a lot of money, Hey, person, if you paypal me and my friends some of that money I will write stories for you about whatever pop culture icon or fictional character you like getting reamed in the ass by a bolt of lava and like dudes power jackin it in time to the beat of your favorite song, no problem, my paypal is blakebutler [at] gmail [dot] com

Of if you want me to teach your kid or college student to write I will show them stories I think are good and then tell them why they are going about it all wrong and so am I

I have 17000 words towards a new novel or novella or something already and most every sentence while I am typing it I am thinking, why that word, why that word, why that word

Why any words

Maybe this will be the novel where I don't stop at 60k words and instead just keep writing until the book is so huge it will be called a brick of self-destructive creation and no one will read it but it will have a fat ass spine and it will weigh people down and make them feel tired

I wish I was a chest of drawers

I will learn to wait in silence


jereme said...

I give this post 4 out of 4 flaming, pierced nipples.

It was good.

"I was at dinner last night with some people and just kind of sat there looking back and forth from heads like they were tennis"

That describes 70-80% of my day/night when interacting with people.

I think that is why I am so chatty in comments. It is pent up.

The video was good but a little dark.

My favorite part of both videos is when the camera starts to pan and I become disoriented for a second.

It is the time within that second that your brilliance shines.

cutting dicks off and shit.


yes, comments as conversational replacement, agreed

'now its dark'

flaming pierced nipples good rating scale

none said...

i don't like to watch videos. they bore me.

i like love because it makes me not eat.

amputation is sweet relief.

Josh Maday said...

badass video

badass words

i was going to say badass again, but i decided not to.

how long does something (whatever something is squeezing words out of you) have to be pent up before it begins squeezing?


i think the less time something is pent up the more it squeezes properly?

after i get pent up too long its like the thing is me?

i am a fucking goober?

i shit with my pants on mostly?

i would like to?

question marks by ryan call