Sunday, June 1, 2008

NEWHEAVY.COM submissions

I am now seeking surreal or absurdist prose poems and/or text blabber or what have you, between 10 and 400 words to feature with video and photo installations on NEW HEAVY. The specifications are that the prose poem(s) feature several internet keyword type ideas as well as blending garbage with memory and/or dreamshit, sort of in the mode of the video addendums already over there. I don't want things that got worked on. I want things that just came out. I am interested in a genre called EJACULATURE. Anything goes. You might also include a video or photos you want to put with it, though I may not use them. I will use some video with the piece. I am thinking of other things to look for. If you want to submit, send to me at blakebutler [at] gmail [dot] com OR TO newheavycom [at] gmail [dot] com. Reresponse letters will only use the word YES or NO I think. No feeling bad if it says NO just send another one. Don't think about what you're writing.

I need outlets.

Also I am looking for videos or photo sets of people doing things, though they must make me think a little, something.

I am working now on another novella I think caused by this:

NOTE TO SELF: words I am no longer allowed to use in my writing from this point forward: 'bubble' 'certain' 'nit' 'window' 'muck' 'buzz' or 'hum' 'balloon' 'gleam' many others probably

Yeah okay.

NOTE NOT TO SELF: Do yourself a favor and go rent the documentary KING OF KONG.

It is second only to AMERICAN MOVIE in my favorite docs of all time, maybe, something, so what. Anyway, it is incredible.


Tao Lin said...

i recommend king of kong also

Tao Lin said...

this isn't to promote my book, i just want to share what i thought about king of kong and i already pasted it here

jereme said...

i think everything i've ever created has been EJACULATURE.

I am the king of all that shoots out small, fleshy holes.


tao, good reviews, i didnt understand how somebody could be that evil either, steve weibe does seem like a truly wholesome person.

billy's hair kicks ass though

jereme, ejaculate on newheavy

jereme said...

you are asking for something creative. I don't do creative well.

I'm more of a retell my fucked up life kind of writer. Thats why my writing is so shitty.

I will try though only because it is for you, the blake motherfucking butler also known as bmfb.

Side note, american movie is one of my favorites of all time. I will now watch king of kong based on this recommendation. I will check the archives at work on monday and see if i can watch it for free.


american movie is beyond all

Justin Rands said...

Blake. I emailed you something. The subject title is EJACULATURE-Justin Rands. I am telling you this because it might get spammed for you. I know this happened before. Yea.

p said...

i am going to force the internet to fucking eat itself. and then send it to you.