Sunday, June 15, 2008

Smokelong 21 + Hot Books

There is a new issue of SMOKELONG QUARTERLY. It is their 5 year anniversary issue and is packed to the gills with Smokelong folks, including Matt Bell, Myfanwy Collins, Dave Clapper, Katrina Denza, Scott Garson, Alicia Gifford, W.P. Kinsella, Darby Larson, Corey Mesler, Mary Miller, Jim Ruland, Claudia Smith, Kelly Spitzer, Joseph Young and many others.

A section from my novel is also there, DISEASE RELICS, as is an interview about the piece, SMOKING WITH BLAKE BUTLER.

The art accompanied by my piece was done by my sister, MORGAN KENDALL, who does some really killer stuff. You can see & buy her art & photography on etsy there.

Thanks to Dave Clapper and the Smokelong staff for the inclusion in a massive issue.

- - -

Also, I just started a new blog that will feature 100-200 word reviews of literary books and magazines, I started with the new elimae and will be updating once a day, check it out here: HOTBOOKS.


Ken Baumann said...

great job with the interview, yet another *)**)*))**) piece from the novel. i'm really excited to read it.

HOTBOOKS will be $


ty as always ken.

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Alicia P. said...

wow. i just clicked on the link to you sister's etsy shop. it really is amazing work. i think i need one of those photography prints... badly.

jereme said...

how the hell do you have time to do another review site?

I would like to take a moment to quote Rocky 4

drago "he's a machine"

That is you drago is talking about.

I like your sisters art but I am going to be honest and I originally clicked on the link in hopes of seeing pictures of your sister.

I am sorry I am a perv.


alicia, i am glad you liked it. she is good.

jereme, i have time because my dick is made of bees. it's okay to be a perv.

katrina said...

I love your piece in SLQ. I'm looking forward to reading thewhole novel.


hi katrina! thanks very much, that is nice. i loved your story as well, esp the sentence: "the dog erupted." massively awesome.

Tao Lin said...

i like the art

i would buy something if i didn't lose what i won at the casino recently

after i had money i couldn't reallyt hink of what to buy



i never know what to buy except food and gas

katrina said...

Thanks, Blake.

Dave Clapper said...

I prefer to buy food that GIVES me gas.


there ya go dave, get em