Friday, June 27, 2008

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2. Calamari Press just released Derek White's new novel MARSUPIAL and is also now the proprietor of all 3rd Bed released, including 10 of their 11 issues all their 3 book releases by Gary Lutz, David Ohle & James Wagner.

3. Lamination Colony nominated Josh Maday's Distractus Refractus Ontologicus: The Dissemination of Michael Martone for Best Creative Nonfiction 2008. Get that motherfucker, Josh.

4. An easy way to hallucinate is to not sleep for 2 weeks, drink too much coffee and then immediately go running. This is also a good way to faint into the street and get hit by a car, which I did not do, but could have. This weekend I am getting Lunesta pills. Praise.

5. God damn it I need to remember to go to some local comedy shows, get drunk and heckle the local dads. This guy is major:

Sitting in the front row with my ass hanging out shouting Tupac lyrics and hacking snot bubbles would be king of evening.


Josh Maday said...

thanks, blake. i'm excited. LC deserves more attention.

jereme said...


sleep deprivation 4 life.

Have you ever experienced starvation?

You do not hallucinate but certain things become vivid and lucid while others become blurry and muted.

I went 8 days without eating before. But it wasn't by choise. That was a long time ago.

Lunesta sucks by the way. I doubt it will work for you.

Be careful with it too. It can make you become "manic" and you will be sleep walking/hallucinating much worse then with insomnia.

I am talking from experience.


i have used lunesta, it worked for me pretty well actually, better than ambien, but i got severely addicted and forced myself to stop

i'm kind of desperate now

though i used it last night and it didn't do shit except make me feel like i was underwater

it always worked before


no i have never starved fully, not beyond like a while not eating and wanting it, not 'starving' by any means

jereme said...


be careful with the lunesta is all i'm saying.

Every "bad" episode I have had with sleep aids has occurred when I was severely sleep deprived.

I was in a dream state for 16 hours once. I am lucky I did not get committed because of that stupid drug.

same with the anti-anxiety pills too like xanax.

bad news bears


i totally agree, it is evil shit, and shouldnt be used, but i dont know what else to do right now, i'm kind of going bonkers

i only have 3 pills anyway so we'll see

jereme said...

Well I know you are against it but I bet you would pass out of you smoked some of natures green herb.

it would be a lot safer then sleeping pills.


yeah, i've been told that, i just can't smoke, i hate smoke, i'd rather be awake

thanks for your concern/suggestions, they are appreciated

none said...


i went to hypnotherapy last february. i know it sounds sketchy, but it was magical for a while- i am resorting to sleep aids again- but only because hypnotherapy is so hard to find here.

i would highly recommend it- it can cause a seious dreamlike state that is otherworldly.

daniel trask said...


I'd rather watch the video of you hacking snot bubbles.


hmm, hypnosis is something i've never tried, i might have to look into that, good call

daniel, i will work on that video, man you are killin it out there

jereme said...

hmm maybe hypnotherapy can help with my misspelling of words.

Or at least hypnotize me into caring enough to proof read what I wrote.

I dunno I don't believe in it. Let me know if you try it Blake and how it works out if you do.


researching now? worth a shot maybe

will definitely report