Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Hand Blender Shat & Looked Upon the Shat & It was 'the place to be'

* Holy shit look at the cover to New York Tyrant 5

* IN THE RAPE YEAR OF THE GHETTO TODDLER THE HOUSES WILL AWAKEN will be released next week. JA says it is almost sold out already, so if you are interested in peeking at toddler violence, you should order now $2. IT IS SOLD OUT NOW, BEFORE THE RELEASE DAY. THANK YOU BUYERS.

* Ryan Call interviewed me for NOÖ Loves Everyone

* Soon I will eat a dog, forget about babies, it is dog time.

* I randomly went through my stacks of books bought and not yet read, which is reaching bad proportion. My goal through the end of the year is to read as much off these shelves as possible.

The first of these was Ken Sparling's DAD SAYS HE SAW YOU AT THE MALL, which, holy fuck, is immediately one of my favorite books. It's from the Lish days of Knopf, consisting of really stripped scenes from suburban fatherhood, really weird and funny, maybe like if Gary Lutz wrote for the Simpsons or something, or semi-like WHY DID I EVER, but those descriptions don't really cut it. I can't think of a single person I know who wouldn't love this book I think.

Here are three random sections from the book, to get an idea:

Tutti and I were living in that apartment when you couldn't put anything in the freezer because of all the ice forming on the freezer walls. I saw my whole life in that freezer. I saw a guy with hairy legs, living in a cave, eating frozen fish-sticks. I saw God in that freezer.

It was having the boner that gave me the boner.

I have never wanted to hang myself, or slit my wrists, if that's what you are thinking. There are certain ways of talking--sometimes I am capable of this--where everyone shuts up and listens. I don't know why they do this.

Here is the interview with Sparling that originally made me want to buy the book, I think it was several years ago.

As well, here is a Sparling story on elimae

I highly, highly recommend this book.

* You can now preorder the 'Handwritten issue' of Keyhole Magazine, is is in full color and every page is handwritten, which is an amazing idea I think. It includes stuff by many amazings, ie: Kim Chinquee, Kevin Sampsell, Elizabeth Ellen, Aaron Burch, William Walsh, Kelly Spitzer, Claudia Smith, Kathy Fish, Laura Ven Der Berg, and scads of others.

My thing is a novel excerpt, from WHERE AM I WHERE HAVE I BEEN WHERE ARE YOU, I am excited to read the reading out of this read.


Matt DeBenedictis said...

Babies are played out; they are holding hands on the first date- no one cares anymore. Dogs need their day to be at hand.

jereme said...

a dog riding a baby into the rain filled horizon

DB said...

that sparling story on elimae is fucking incredible.


dog riding a baby. that is it. time for another novel.

'dogs need their day to be at hand': novel title

dan i am glad you liked it.

Keith Montesano said...

there's gonna be nothing better than selling that chapbook on ebay to some poor schmuck who thinks you're actually talented.


i'm kidding of course. i'm excited to read it. and i won't sell it.