Saturday, June 13, 2009

13 Jun 02:15:50 PM why there is a shape of hill on vegiana

The man who lives alone next to my parents has been putting up this sign on the front of his house for a week or so at a time every other month, when he feels it:

Some days before they stopped letting him have his kids but while he was under review this guy would have pool parties at his house and would rent a PA and play music and then talk on the microphone between songs to the kids, saying very constrained polite and fun things. He organized them to eat popsicles together and had contests in the water. The PA was very clearly meant so the neighborhood would know what a good dad he is, which made the hearing of the children sounds and music with his talking to them very uncomfortable even if on its face it sounded OK.

As for whatever else happened I don't know.

The always wonderful Amelia Gray reviewed EVER on her blog. An excerpt: "The deal with this book is that it offers a puzzle like The Exquisite but instead of dissecting reality, it dissects surreality as it wobbles in a frame of reality, which essentially turns you on your ass and shoves a prism up there. Needless to say, I recommend reading EVER in the bathtub."

Thanks Amelia!

The also always wonderful Pratha Lor also wrote up EVER on his blog, concentrating mostly on the musical aspects of the work, really nice: "Butler' work is episodic, presenting a paradoxical landscape to explore that is both physically constricted, yet mentally elusive--requiring much more unravelling and sensing on the part of the reader."

Thanks Prathna!

My 6th post on Brian Evenson's Fugue State is on the illustrated 'Dread,' and has been guest posted at Ghost Island.

Thanks Ben!

Sorry I got out of order on those. The 7th story in Fugue State is still here.

Belong is an excellent band.

The Tyrant just took a story that I think is the best thing I've ever written, 5000 words about a mother destroying her child. It had been rejected quite a bit, I



I want to think out loud about ideas dictating sentences in fiction vs. sentences dictating ideas but I'm a little hungover. Some other time then.


Ken Baumann said...

weird life is weird life

EVER continues to catch fire

once again: so glad to share the next NYT pages with you, 5000 words: wow, i look forward to that, i'm sure it's to be a crusher esp. when lauded as your best thing by you, that's a sign

please expand & open up that tangent, that would be a conversation i'd love to participate in

Stephen said...

Belong is good stuff indeed.


fo sho ken, we did it

fo sho stephen, we does it

Darby said...

i'd like to hear more about that sentence dictator also, have been thinking in similar lines lately

sam pink said...

a vegiana is pussy that doesn't use glutein or some shit.

jereme said...

you should ask your parent's neighbor for his story.

crazy people love to tell their stories.

the weird thing, for me at least, is when i talk to crazy people they are very honest and make a lot of sense when compared to your average middle class moron.

yeah so you should ask him "what's up with that sign" and i bet he'll talk for at least 2 hours.

at least.

do it. go ask.


i know a little more of his story actually (he has fliers on his mailbox explaining the sign that you can take, and he also sometimes talks to my parents)

basically, he lost custody of his children because his ex wife said he's abusive or something.

i dont wanna talk to that dude

Matt DeBenedictis said...

That sign is up there with the suited man I saw yelling and throwing olden bible books at cars the other day. He was old school classy!


love the bible throwers