Monday, June 22, 2009


god it rains here every day now its like someone telling me no
i feel like someone somewhere is trying to give me a lot of money but can't find my address
martin scorsese was one time a kid walking around trying to think where he should eat
by now he's already made the movie with david bowie playing the guy who ultimately kills god
when i've been going running lately i've been careful to stop running when the readout on the treadmill shows pattern numbers like 424.2 or 3.33
though most all numbers have an inherent pattern in them so really i could get off any time
i should be doing something else like everything i'm not doing now
i'd like it if i had a helmet i could not feel around my head


Ken Baumann said...

feelin you

Ken Baumann said...

hype then crash hype then crash

sustained buzz is the best

isn't there some sort of scientific formula or something

git me cookie crisp

bro d said...

Make no excuses. Take prisoners.