Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lamination Colony Contest prizes

Thanks again to everyone who donated prizes for the This is not not a Contest.

Here's what everybody ended up getting, holy shit:

Bobby Alter, ‘A cardiovasc’

* $100 cash via paypal from megaboss Ken Baumann
* (1) copy of Shane Jones's 'Light Boxes' from Publishing Genius
* my used copy of Fugazi's 'Instrument' documentary on VHS
* (1) copy of Molly Gaudry's 'We Take Me Apart' forthcoming from ML Press
* the last hand edited manuscript of THE SELF ESTEEM HOLOCAUST COMES HOME and a printed copy of FROWNS NEED FRIENDS TOO (new two books from Sam Pink)
* a copy of William Walsh's 'Questionstruck,' Thomas Cooper's 'Phantasmagoria' and Issue 7 of Keyhole, all from Keyhole Press
* a CD of live audio mixes from various low power radio programs by Matthew Simmons
* a set of six drawings of video game controllers drawn by Steven Seighman of Monkeybicycle for the cover of Hobart's games issue
* a ruled Moleskine notebook - unopened, in original wrapping; the next edition of 'Smoke: a London Peculiar', the magazine of words and images inspired by the city (issue 14 out soon-ish); + a 'feature article' to the winner of the contest to write their thoughts on writing for Writers' Bloc, if they wish, all from Vaughan Simons of Writers' Bloc
* a copy of the 'Meeting People is Easy' documentary on Radiohead, donated by Shome Dasgupta
* a copy of Jack Christian's Let's Collaborate from Magic Helicopter Press, a copy of Mike Young's Okay Now from Magic Helicopter Press (limited edition Summer Tour thinbook), a copy of Pasha Malla's The Withdrawal Method, a copy of Joshua Beckman's Take It, all donated by Mike Young / Magic Helicopter
* 2 random ass books from Barry Graham's book shelf
* 2 random ass books from Jereme Dean
* a lifetime subscription to Muumuu House, c/o Muumuu House
* Best American Short Stories edition 2000 & Runes from Frank Sung

Andrew Borgstrom, ‘Stories with Teeth in Them’
* a first edition hardback copy of Gordon Lish's Dear Mr. Capote from Chris Higgs

Mel Bosworth, ‘Stump Grinder’
* issues 2 & 3 of Ghost Factory Magazine, c/o David Peak

James Chapman, ‘Rat’
* a copy of Justin Sirois's brand new MLKNG SCKLS donated by Publishing Genius

Mark Doten, ‘Gray Zone Kidz’
* issue 3 of Pank, c/o R. Gay

Sasha Fletcher, ‘we are going to get paid and then we will dress for the weather’
* a copy of Kathryn Regina's 'i am in the air right now' from Greying Ghost Press

Drew Kalbach, ‘Scraps from My Bathroom Stall’
* a copy of Jimmy Chen's 'Typewriter' from Magic Helicopter Press, donated by Josh Maday
* a copy of the debut issue of Gigantic
* Subtropics 7 from Anthony Luebbert & UF

Darby Larson, ‘Digestable Moose Kidney Sculpture Garden’
* a copy of the debut issue of Dewclaw, from Evelyn Hampton
* 5 random journals from Lily Hoang
* a first edition signed copy of William Gay's Twilight, a signed copy of Craig Clevenger's The Contortionist's Handbook, and a galley of the forthcoming novel Johnny Future by Steve Abee, all from MacAdam / Cage

Ben Segal, 'Jelly Bodies'
* a new copy of the new double issue of Sonora Review 55/56 (with DFW memorial section), donated by Brad Green

Christian TeBordo, ‘Rules and Regulations’
* a copy of Fox Force 5 chapbook anthology (forthcoming from Paper Hero Press), donated by pr

All finalists will also get a copy of John Madera's Mother Flux's CD Divine Day Formula

The winning piece should be up by Friday, and other entries from the contest forthcoming thereafter. Thanks again to all.


Anonymous said...

amazingly epic

Andrew Borgstrom said...

Lish! Higgs! Perfect! Thanks, Blake.

Darby said...

wow. thank YOU! that macadam cage bundle is holy shit, and dewclaw is something i just read about and looked at the website of some days ago, and what will lily fill I wonder? Exciting!

bobby's doorstep is stuffed, oh man, that's ridiculous to have that much stuff heading toward him, that's like once in a lifetime. this contest was it.

Michael Hessel-Mial said...

100 dollars? A Radiohead dvd? I must be in the wrong business!

Bobby Alter said...

oh em gee, this is amazing, you are all amazing, ken is most certainly a megaboss, everyone is a series of megabossi, I'm going to read books now because now I will have them and also I will use my VHS player, thank you everyone, I should make a blog

Keith Montesano said...

This rule(s)(d).

Luke said...

Hello. I saw your piece in NANO Fiction. It was good. This blog is good, too. But a different kind of good.


bobby, please blog yes, plase

keith and luke, hello, hi, ty

Mel Bosworth said...

awesomes. pure awesomes. love love. and thank yous.