Monday, September 10, 2007

burnside review 3.2

Got my contributor copy of the new issue of Burnside Review, which is really beautiful and full of awesome work by Paul Guest, Ben Lerner, Leslie Jamison, and many others. My piece is another list, #17, this one titled BIRTHDAY. Here are the first few lines as a teaser:

1. I can feel my teeth rotting in my head.
2. Showered so long under such hot water this morning my skin wanted to rip.
3. Unable to see myself in the mirror, after, for the steam; then, suddenly: my eyes.
4. Somehow it seems a long time since I looked.
5. Today my body is one year older.
6. Only actually one day older, literally, but a year in symbolic terms, which is bad enough.
7. Some days the morning is too much but today I kind of greet it.
8. If 2 PM can be considered morning still, which I'm sure, of course, it cannot.
9. I hardly remember my last few birthdays, and not because of drinking.
10. Even when one remembers something one did not remember one remembered, one may have still no more than scratched the surface in regard to things one does not remember one remembers. - David Markson
11. I feel I don't remember many people.
12. Even the people I do remember often feel so far gone they're hardly there.

If'n you'd like to read the rest you should buy a copy. It is $8 for a copy and you can get it here. I really like the cover:

To receive this publication, I massaged mayonnaise onto the serrated back of a cambodian male prostitute who'd once seen his father trampled underfoot by enormous geese.


Josh Maday said...
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Josh Maday said...

[Fragment of an Interview with Blake Butler]:

JM: Congratulations and copulations on the pub in Burnside. So are you saying you're in the same issue as Ben Lerner--as in the Ben Lerner who wrote, directed, and starred in the book entitled "Angle of Yaw"?


JM: Do you foresee these lists being collected in a chapbook?


JM: Did you use real or that fat-free mayo? Just asking.



BB: That'd be the correct Ben Lerner. I haven't read his piece yet but I've read and liked him before.

BB: I have vague aspirations of publishing the whole set of lists one day, but then, what you forsee and what you (for)get are often not in conjunction. One can hope?

BB: I grew up with a Southern mom in a Southern household. We loyally stick with Miracle Whip, even for such manual stimulations.

;) thanks josh

Josh Maday said...

Thank you, Blake.


i just read the ben lerner piece. it is really good.

Josh Maday said...

Well, I see I'll be picking up Burnside Review 3.2 to read the rest of your list and get the latest Lerner.

Anonymous said...

i am waiting for $3 to transfer into my paypal account so i can buy this.