Sunday, September 2, 2007

literary porn

the sporadic search engine content i've placed on this blog to result in excess traffic is beginning to make me feel weird. today someone found this site by looking up: 'sister licks her preteen sister's pussy.' whoops. i'm not sure what i wrote earlier that caused that one, but wow.

the internet.

rereading BLOOD MERIDIAN again is making me feel anxious and kind of bloodthirsty. last night, after being ditched by a friend for drink plans, i went to videodrome and got two very violent films. THE GREAT SILENCE starring Klaus Kinski, a spaghetti western with bounty killers and probably the most grim ending to a film i've ever seen, and COCKFIGHTER, a Monte Hellman film with Harry Dean Stanton about cockfighters. the footage of the cockfights was insane and very real. one scene had two cocks going at it in a small hotel room in slow motion. interesting film.

i wonder what kind of google hits that last paragraph is going to generate.

perhaps i need to streamline my search engine fodder.

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secret chapter in denis johnson's tree of smoke, penned by erect bulldog squealing latin
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rick moody taint index photocopy
blossoming interest in monkey torture paul auster
jell-o pinata baby via julio cortazar
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tickle disease bib for julia slavin
joy williams: left tit bigger than right tit?
gaspar noe balogna sandwich break
nicholson baker chokehold via vincent gallo pushup bra
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cholera of mayonnaise, a novel by barry hannah
bacon tits ninth letter
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cheese snatch free literary contest judged by richard hell
adolfo bioy casares's pin cushion peter
italo calvino's amazing pierced rectum


Marcos said...

Hello Blake. I don't have much to say about this particular entry, but I figured I'd leave a comment to let you know you've inspired me to take another crack at blogging. Check out my latest entry at

Anonymous said...

i want to generate traffic too. how do you do that. even if they are porn mongers. i think porn mongers are lonely. i want to be indexed on google. i like it here.


v: traffic comes from words. just make a lot of words. the more specific the better.

Josh Maday said...

Good work here. I'm particularly impressed with 'bacon tits ninth letter' and 'italo calvino's amazing pierced rectum'. Overall a good combo of lit and porn, as per your post title.

"Traffic comes from words. Just make a lot of words." Can I quote this? We'll conspire out in the open where no one will see.


open conspiracy. all google roads lead to blahblah blogs. let's get em!