Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Final: 10 days 39k+ words

Day 10 @ 9:38 pm finished draft 1 of book. There are 39281 words. There will likely be another 500-800 in an appendix that I will create in the next week, and maybe also a second appendix that I have not fully gotten a hold of yet. I still have about a page of notes to apply and things to add or rearrange and edit.

I feel 'cleared' somewhat. I feel a lot better than I did 10 days ago when I started the book. I think I worked 8-10 hours a day nonstop at desk for 8 out of the 10 days and 5 hours on the other two. I feel exhausted but good.

Now I have to figure out what I want to 'do' with it.

I will think about this later.

Here is a pretty awesome article on the house in LOST HIGHWAY and Euripedes 'Medea', which actually jarred a lot of my thinking during the middle part of the novel, and is also where I stole the title I am still trying to convince myself to run with: THE ESSENTIAL INGREDIENT IS COMPLETELY UNABLE TO BE COMMUNICATED.

I will probably, though, use: WHERE AM I WHERE HAVE I BEEN WHERE ARE YOU

I am going to find a way to get David Lynch to blurb this book.

I will do it.

I will do it.

I will corner the David Lynch literary market.

Big fuckin titties.

I am going to stop talking about that man.

I also just wrapped up an interview with J'Lyn Chapman, who, damn, is interesting and know how to talk about her work. That will be forthcoming soon. I'm digging for new venues that do good literary interviews. It seems like so few people do those anymore. Any suggestions?


Prathna Lor said...

i highly anticipate everything.

i'm especially excited about the interview with chapman.

you will corner david lynch

Ken Baumann said...


you will do it i will help you all i can


get him in a corner. offer him a dog corpse popsicle. thankyous.

Josh Maday said...

good job, blake. i'm excited to read this new beast.

and the chapman interview. she had a superlative piece in the last conjunctions. ministry of sorrow to birds, i think. really excellent.

nice work.

* said...

there was a good lynch article in salon recently as well

matthew savoca said...

meditation soliciting! let's get everyone on it!
everyone! meditate for 20 minutes right after you get up in the morning. when you meditate, concentrate on the words "david lynch" and "blurb blake butler's book". do this for 20 minutes.
i swear it will work.


yes yes

Dan Wickett said...

Blake, Hobart's web journal has been doing some interviews lately, and taking them from outside sources - Anna Leigh Clark just interviewed Steven Gillis (not up yet) and Elizabeth just interviewed Don Pollock (will be up this month), etc.

chris killen said...

hey, congratulations blake.


dan, thanks that's right i forgot about that, i'm on it.

chris, thanks.