Thursday, April 10, 2008

Shit Talk Fest

Shit talking is funny. I talk shit mostly to myself. It is most fun when other people talk shit about people and then you get to talk shit about the way they talked shit and you can talk shit about them in a sarcastic way while they become defensive and look even more contorted for having shit talked someone.

Publicly I like to shit talk shittalkers more than I like to shit talk just stuff in general, just because I am naturally a contrarian. It's in my blood. I feel meaner inside than I am often on the outside. I have a lot of mean thoughts.

I can't help myself sometimes.

This guy probably really had no idea what he was opening when he opened his shit talk. What's mainly funny is the shit talk doesn't even really shit talk in a way that makes clear sense outside of the fact that he just seems upset that someone who he didn't think was working as hard as him achieved something. Still I like the conversation. I am in favor of shit talk, as long as you are ready for people.

Shit talking gets attention. It builds some kind of 'aura' around the thing being shit talked.

Bill Hicks was the king of all shit talkers.

This, I think, is funny and constructive.

There are lots of things I want to shit talk. On here I usually don't do it because it's pretty much impossible to not be misconstrued. Sometimes I like to shit talk privately to someone who will get it. There are lots of art shows in Atlanta that have really commonplace seeming art in them. Art that people could say looks like it didn't take any work. Art that people could say isn't art because it's just pictures of people having fun or little scratchy drawings that don't even look cool in a minimalist way.

I call these art shows 'show and tell'. I like the term 'show and tell.' It would probably be considered shit talk to tell those people I think they are participating in a show and tell.

I want to start an art show series in Atlanta that is a true show and tell.

I will bring my He Man lunchbox and tell about the time I got it taken away from me by a middle-aged man and bapped in the face with it. The man had come into the elementary school cafeteria. No adults saw him come in. He had on a yellow t-shirt tugged loose around the neck. He came up to me and took my lunchbox away and bapped me in the face with it. Then he just stood there.

My third grade teacher I remember being pretty at the time, though as I remember her now in my head I don't think I'd think she is pretty.


Matt DeBenedictis said...

A show and tell art series is the best idea I've heard all day, and I've heard three good ideas so far today. You are the victor.

Tao Lin said...

i keep thinking 'motherfucking shittalkers' in a shit-talking tone

tammy said...

Hi. Read you in Ocho 19 and a few other places online. Also, in regards to all this talk about shit, I actually wrote about shit today (oddly enough). Anyway, just wanted to say that I dig your writing.

Take care,
tammy trendle

Eric Shonkwiler said...

That you posted that video nearly makes up for all the shit-talking we've talked to each other.

I didn't know what I was getting into. Had I known, I would have made it a little more constructed. Instead you get what's been labeled as a critique or shit-talk and really was just a rant. Can't be undone, though. I don't mind.


show and tell victory.

maybe i will show the yellow skin i peeled off that time i brought my back.

tao, i like envisioning you doing that.

tammy, hi! i like your blog.

eric, i have had the same type thing happen to me before when ranting in public forums.

Ken Baumann said...

blake. i cannot stop listening to moonchild mindgames.

goddamnit blake you have ruined me.

Zachary German said...

fuck miranda july

Brian Foley said...

You could make a very funny poem plucked from the comments field from that post on "My Hearts Porch"

death-hustler said...

There was some pretty good shit talking going on there for a while. Where does the shit talk come from and where does it go? I wonder what exactly is at stake when 'literature' is invoked at the center of any polemic. god bless the interwebs for the acceleration of antagonisms. when my antagonism is accelerated beyond the bounds of the literary, what will I have then?


ken, yeah that song is something. always reminds me of a clockwork orange. the whole albums is pretty awesome.

shit talking is proxy

Lyndall-O said...

bapped in the face.

bapped. bapped bapped bapped.

tee hee.