Friday, June 20, 2008

5 Star Literary Stories + OH BABY

LAMINATION COLONY is featured today on Five Star Literary Stories, with a review of Ron Burch's UNFINISHED, one of my favorite stories from back in the archives. Thanks to T.J. Forrester and Jai Clare for the nice write up.

Also, on HOTBOOKS today a brief review of Kim Chinquee's OH BABY.


colin bassett said...

good oh baby review

'intuitive leaps' yes

i agree, chinquee is a master

this phrase seems extremely accurate

i like hotbooks a lot


thanks colin

ryan call said...

good review

i want more books by kim chinquee

daniel trask said...

Adam is hand delivering your chapbook to my family. I look forward to it often.


ryan, i imagine that conundrum will be fixed on the quick.

daniel, dude your trip is blowing my mind still. looking fwd also to the launch of thy chapbook indeed.

fuck, did you come to atlanta already? i forgot to give you my #

daniel trask said...

Yeah, I did go through already--we botched the whole meeting thing. The reading actually went really well. If I ever come back I'll holla.

Ken Baumann said...

yeah, hotbooks is great.