Monday, June 23, 2008

9L / Memorious / Deb Olin Unferth

Ordering info and specs and preview pages of the new issue of NINTH LETTER is live. I have been able to read some of the work in the new issue finally after distracting myself from the beautiful cover. Yes. There is a retrospective article about the design artists discussing their work from previous issues and it is fascinating. Go get 'er.

ALSO: I have a very short thing in the new issue of MEMORIOUS, along with Kristen Iskandrian, Robin Lippincott, Major Jackson, Jessica Murphy, Jordan Windholz and several others. Memorious looks sexy. I don't remember writing the story that I have up there: LANDLORD.

Began another project that may become a novel or novella with the working title HOW MANY FLOORS DOES THE NIGHTMARE HAVE? which I got from someone googling that to find my website the other day. Whoever that was, thanks, what the fuck were you looking for? Email me or something.

DEB OLIN UNFERTH's 'Managing' from MINOR ROBBERIES may be one of my favorite new stories of the past several years.

I had some other shit to say but as usual I can't remember.

One of the worse things about insomnia is when you finally do sleep it feels so new but still usually isn't very satisfying. I went to sleep at 6 am the other day and woke and felt sure I'd finally gotten normal rest until I looked out and saw it was still dark. Maybe I should stop drinking coffee, but then I wouldn't really be able to do anything all day but sit and look. Not that that would be that different.

Somebody cut me on the face.

- - -

EDIT: VICTORY for No Colony.


Ken Baumann said...

yes yes yes

Kathryn said...

i done ordered that ninth letter!


very awesome kathryn

Adam R said...

Don't you get published on pink paper or something if you pay for inclusion in NO COLONY? I thought I read that somewhere.


actually you get published on the skin of my dick if you pay

that's new though

breaking news

Keith Montesano said...

I really REALLY hope some people pay. This could be the new journal-esque Radiohead thing, only instead of "Pay What You Want," it's "Send us money so you can try and then miserably fail when you think you're going to get laid by telling bar skanks you're a published author..."

Darby said...

I don't know if that's a good idea because what if someone pays and sends a cow as a submission. Then you'll have to wear a pushcart prize nominated cow on the skin of your dick for your whole life and you'll never have sex with a person again. You'll only have sex with your dumb cow. Think about it.

Bradley Sands said...

Which Lydia Davis book do you think I'll like best?


keith, we have filled six issues with paid submissions, i am buying a slave

darby, i thought about this, i thought 'free sex with a cow for free'

bradley, i dont know about you in paticular, i like break it down the best i think i'm not sure anymore i dont even know if i still like lydia davis, i probably do

ryan call said...


Mike Young said...

hell in a handbasket

jereme said...

i need to get a second job so i can afford to buy all the publications you are in blake.