Saturday, June 21, 2008

DIAGRAM 8.3 All Fiction

It's not up on their front page yet, but the new Summer Fiction Issue of DIAGRAM, featuring the finalists and winner of the 2008 $5 Innovative Fiction Prize, is now live. My favorite thing I think is Amelia Gray's surreal little robotoid text, but everything else is also massive, including Mark Leidner, Debra DiBlasi, Amanda Goldblatt, Sarah Scoles, Kea Wilson and several others. I also have a story THE MANY FORMS OF RAIN ___ SENT UPON US IN THOSE DAYS BEFORE THE LAST DAYS, yet another from Scorch Atlas, which has begun to remove the lining from the roof of my house and is eating all the liquor and can no longer feel its knees. Please enjoy.

This story was an effort to increase awareness about the unfortunate viral possession known as GASHING CAREERISM that by 2020 will have wiped our beaches clean and has in many counties begun to claim certain children here, already, now:


jereme said...

blake butler == godjira

us == tokyo

Josh Maday said...

nice work, blake. can't wait to read SCORCH ATLAS.


ya'lls nice

Josh Maday said...

ps: those poor kids may one day kill themselves when they see that video. i imagine that lots of people who see themselves on reruns of the lawrence welk show have committed suicide.

jereme said...

Those kids are getting high.

Dizziness is the first form of drug.

They have tapped into it.

They are destined for overdose deaths.

Poor chillins.


fuckin babies


'fuckin' meant as an adjective, not a verb

jereme said...

hahaha, yeah i got the use of it.

this aint my first goat rodeo.


i felt i had to clarify that just in case some random stranger who finds this page among the many sexual keywords that drives most of my traffic saw it and wanted to start jacking off

i dont have a problem with people jacking off

i just want to try to kill his pedo-buzz a little or something


brandon said...


jereme said...

well it kind of depends

when you said "fucking babies" did you mean

the two babies fucking each other? becausse that is mutual sex and not really perverted.

or did you mean a guy fucking the babies.

because, yeah. that is fucking gross

kill his slimy buzz
piece of shit

Anonymous said...

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