Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Don't press Publish Post


read THE LEVITATIONIST by Brandon Hobson and wished I had written it

thought about starting my review of Michael Kimball's absolutely incredible DEAR EVERYBODY and felt like I could never do it justice and so decided to wait until I felt I could say it right

sweated, ran 2.2 miles, wished I could make myself run further, sweated

got the new issue of PHOEBE in the mail and read the kickface work by my friends JOSH MADAY and MIKE YOUNG and some by GIRIJA TROPP who I don't know directly but know of and was very happy holding the new issue that you should buy now because they are doing a deal with AVERY ANTHOLOGY where they will send you both for the price of one (see Phoebe website or Ryan Call's blog for info) and thought 'I wish Ryan Call was going to keep editing this journal because the two issues he did were supreme'

watched unidentified #s on my cellphone ring over and over again not leaving msgs, talked to a friend I hadn't in a long while, felt glad

drank a fuckton of coffee

got teary eyed for no reason

felt dumb for not being able to figure out what to do with myself

wrote some shit for money

wrote a little on a new thing I have started in hopes I would be able to write fast the way I did on my novel but just can't make it come out that way again, realizing that was 'one time thing' based off of me having tried to write something with the feel of the novel for so many years and finally felt it come right

felt hot

felt cold

felt glad

felt worthless

felt chewy, runny, dipshitted

ate a ton of taco salad

waited, thought, ate, waited

felt dumb writing this blog post

felt excited about NO COLONY

felt excited about my collection and novel and novella manuscripts in submission process, then felt defeated, then felt hopeful, then felt glad and dumb at the same time, then felt impending, then felt retarded, then felt like I wanted to eat more taco salad and I did

just now thought 'what if i could suck my own dick' but then thought I only thought that because I was thinking about what I was thinking and felt dumb for thinking that because I know for certain by now it won't happen and probably wouldn't care that much if it did by now to be honest

wrote emails, wished I had more emails

that's enough of this goddamn inane bullshit Blake


Maurice Burford said...

talk salads are good...

Maurice Burford said...

taco... :(


taco salads, they are REALly good

talk salads, though, meh

Ken Baumann said...

good post, informative

Brandon Hobson said...

Blake, thanks for the nice words about my book. Just knowing someone actually read it makes me feel good. That you actually liked it is the nipple on the titty.


i enjoy providing the nipple on the titty.

its a wonderful book brandon. exactly the kind of thing i look for. anything new forthcoming? i'd love to read more.

Brandon Hobson said...

I wish I did but there's not really anything new coming out. I've got a few stories making the rounds as usual.


you should send something to


we would love to read it

Brandon Hobson said...

Okay, thanks for the invite. Look for something soon.


my browser is crushing my face and eating things alive

XxXXXxXXX said...


XxXXXxXXX said...


none said...

ii want to have a publishing company with you called
"don't press"

we can do all of the printing really cheap where i live and then i can hand carry it all back when i make trips to the US. we can also use child labor and eat jellyfish soup.

Josh Maday said...

thanks, blake, for everything ever.

i wish ryan call was going to keep editing phoebe, too.

drinking coffee right now, thinking of ways i can start writing shit for money.

looking forward to the new stuff, NO COLONY, etc.


child labor press

that has a certain ring about it


can we start DON'T PRESS

a production of


if children in a sweatshop were forced to make a book i think people should damn well read that book because otherwise the children's labor went in vain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ryan call said...

buy an avery, get a phoebe

thank you for linking, blake