Monday, June 9, 2008


Since it is hot enough to sweat a house through a fudge today, might as well get your arms tied together and enjoy the new Summer 08 update of LAMINATION COLONY.

This issue contains all writers/writing I think of as FRESH, in that they are doing things I have not seen other places. New shit, is what I'm saying. New shit. It includes post-C.McCarthy venom by C. ROBIN MADIGAN, three hybrid and bizarre poems by DANIEL SPINKS, a creamy Florida vivisection by HEATHER DAVIDSON, a ruination of Danielle Steele's work by JOHN SPIERS, a poem that makes me smile by G. DAVID SCHWARTZ, a mindburp by ADAM J. MAYNARD, three new mini-masterpieces by PETER BERGHOEF, an accidental spam-survivor dodged by Dick Palace by JUSTIN RANDS, a laugh out loud awesome and really peculiar series of shorts by KENDRA GRANT MALONE, jackoff material by ZACHARY GERMAN, found dictionary peculiarity by JOSH WALLAERT, a creepy sequence of serial texts by J.A. Tyler, two stillbirth doppelganger apparati by HEDY ZIMRA, and a correspondence video to TAO LIN by MATTHEW SAVOCA.

I have read and reread the stuff in this issue perhaps moreso than the contents of any issue I've put together.

The layout on this hopefully holds up in your browser, though most pleasantly you should view it on 1028x768 res in Firefox on a mac. Otherwise, you are subject to skewing. Though the skewing may make it better.

Go get that shit and sniff it and hold your baby down and make it eat. Then tell yr friends.

Next from LC: a brutal eBook by LILY HOANG, forthcoming in JULY-ish.

Please enjoy/discuss.


p said...

this new lamination colony looks swell

Josh Maday said...

yes, this looks great and is going to kill things with merciless and hilarious.


let's start a church

Kendra Grant Malone said...

yay happy

Ken Baumann said...

killed it


kendra ken
good good

brandon said...

you are good

The Man Who Couldn't Blog said...

lamination colony, she is the shit.


xox dudes

sam pink said...

this better be good otherwise you're toast at recess tomorrow dweeb.

Michael Kimball said...

Nice issue--especially loved the Heather Davidson, all that story with so few words.


sam, i am bringing my father's shotput

michael, i am glad you enjoyed. heather is wonderful.

Justin Rands said...


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