Wednesday, September 3, 2008

No More of Anything will eat out of the leopard bucket, are you going to hand me that or not please

The winner of Justin Taylor's MORE PERFECTION DEPICTIONS OF NOISE is Matthew Simmons AKA The Man Who Couldn't Blog, because the idea of Diane Williams as my aunt makes my lasagna tummy say hi. Thanks to everyone who commented. You can buy Justin Taylor's book for a fair price at X-Ing Books.

I am feeling defeated today I am going to work today I have a vast sense of nothing right this minute.

Though oh, got contributor copies of the new issue of SALT HILL in the mail today. Literally when I opened the package and saw them I said, Holy Shit. They are hardback deep blue/black objects, with beautiful print. It's like a book book, I can hardly hold it. My tits vibrated.

Besides me (with another list thing) there is work by Matthew Rohrer, Chris Higgs, Louis E. Bougeois, Joe Wenderoth, Maud Casey, a totally killer Italo Calvino prize winning piece by Nina Shope, and several excellent others.

Thank you to the editors, good job.

I think these are in certain Barnes and Nobles and the sticker price says $8, can't beat that.

I'm kind of full of everything of shit right now I think I think there is something

I'm hard of hearing and I mumble so everything anyone says to me they have to repeat and everything I say I have to say twice





I am going to refrain from negativity by refraining from going on

I like Eric Idle


colin bassett said...

is salt hill the syracuse journal? i think it is carried at left bank books in st. louis. i'm going to go get it.

The Man Who Couldn't Blog said...


Keith Montesano said...

I'm actually sending to Salt Hill imminently. They always reject me, so on go the subs. Good stuff.


colin, that be de 1. it is worth the look.

p said...

that art is nice