Thursday, September 4, 2008

This Sunday: Zach Plague, Todd Dills, NO COLONY, bands

If you happen to be in Atlanta this Sunday September 7, I'm hosting a reading at WonderRoot on Memorial, with reading by Zach Plague (author of 'boring boring boring boring boring boring boring' new from Featherproof), Todd Dills (who edits 2nd Hand and wrote 'Sons of the Rapture' also from Featherproof), plus I'll be reading something from the new No Colony issue and selling them). In the midst of that will be two bands, one I used to be in Sleep Therapy and an awesome weird ambient joint called Lyonnais, it bodes to be a fun shit, it starts at 8:00 pm or so, please come, please fly from your locale, I will lick your face, have a baby with you (dinnerstyle), punch a goggle in the neck, yes.

BTW, if you haven't check out Zach's boring book yet, you really should. It's really one of the best looking books I've seen in a while, with all kind of weird font stuff and wild paper designs occuring, it clearly took a ton of typographic work and makes the text electric and exciting, I am reading it now and really getting kicks out of Zach's way of spinning, I've not seen much of anything like this before: it is something to hold in yr hands.

Also reading right now: Deb Olin Unferth's VACATION, man it is excellent. It's broken into a ton of little wild graphs and narrative windings, people following people following people: it is kind of perfect to read right now and I suggest you find one. Derek White was right a lot to compare it to Auster's NEW YORK TRILOGY, in that it has that weird enrobed air about it, but it also has those compacting Unferth sentences that leave you thinking after each because of how they turn. Excellence. Buy.

Shipped some more NO COLONYs out today: they are on de way. Kickin it.

Got my first blurb for EVER this weekend, from one of my absolute fiction idols, it made me giddy and eyes sweaty, it made me want to buy my own book. Doinks.

Other things becoming large.

Something is poking out inside my scrotum, I feel happier than yesterday

Matt Bell said nice things about my Ninth Letter story, Matt has an excerpt from his novel coming out in the next Lamination Colony (which I am about to begin building) which will claw you on the knee in a way that bleeds until you get to read the rest of the novel when it is released upon the public, you will go Oh

Man the new Of Montreal record sucks, I used to really like those guys, the new record is hyper-sexual in an off-putting way, he talks too much silly, I have to throw it out the window, I should have never taken cLOUDEAD's 'Ten' out of my cd player, I just need a two disc changer with that and 'Remain in Light,' I wish that wasn't a title already I would use it, it doesn't feel like I title one could steal

The story I am writing right now about a baby leaking to fill a house will the last story I write about bad things happening to babies, at least for a minute, what got me started on that?

I watched a thing about Jeffrey Dahmer the other day, it was good, I don't know

Here's a good interview with Sam Pink

Beer costs money what's the big deal about beer what happens with water you can get fucked up on water water is free some places

When is everything going to be free

Everything that is shit happens at once then everything that is good happens at once and in between those there's just a lot of waiting


Anonymous said...

oh, i just started vacation, too! LOVING IT. couldn't wait for it to arrive. now i don't want to put it down.


hi elizabeth! yes, it has made me keep thinking about it when i am not reading, those are the best kinds of books, the ones you can't stop thinking about till your down, and thereafter.

she seems to have nailed it.

Anonymous said...

i don't think i've ever read anything by her i didn't love...would have been heartbreaking, then, not to love this. glad she didn't let us down!

Matt DeBenedictis said...

Deb Olin Unferth's Vacation is a carousel of fun to read, just smile and enjoy the ride. I find myself rereading chapters, the second time is always out loud at volumes to disturb the neighbors. With voice the writing takes on another style. It's fucking great. As for this Sunday I'm defiantly going to be in attendance.


matt, fuck yeah, excited to meet you

Ken Baumann said...


i'm going to ship a bunch this weekend

want me to look at paypal or look at NCgmail or which


good i feel good


look in the gmail, i have been marking them 'shipped' there with a little email tag, i haven't logged into the paypal

Tim Dicks said...

I will also say nice things about the Ninth Letter piece. I was afraid it would be just interesting at first but by the end (which was not long coming) everything had woven itself together into something denser than just a few pages of good writing. It was a nice mix of the just-so-slightly fantastical with the mundane to produce something more recognizable than either extreme could have.


thanks tim that is very nice, i am happy to hear

Matt Bell said...

Vacation is super badass. Glad everyone's reading it.

I actually like the new Of Montreal, I think-- but not as much as Hissing Fauna, by a long shot.


i dont know, its just so flamboyant and has almost none of the things i liked about them before. i still think the sunlandic twins and satanic panic in the attic are nearly perfect, but i just can't even stand to go through 3 tracks on the new one

jereme said...

waiting game


sam pink said...

thanks for linking my interview you fucking bitch.


i feel smushed

Pet & Gone said...

I ordered Ninth Letter so I can read your story.


thank you brandi, that is nice, your no colony went out today

clarkknowles said...

Remain in Light is on permanent rotation with me. When I was in NY for AWP last year, I must have walked around and listened to RinL fifty times. It was one of the best parts of AWP, just walking in NYC and hearing Bryne say over and over, 'Time isn't holding up, Time isn't after us, Same as it ever was, and then the twister comes, here comes the twister." I'll have to check out the Cloudead cd you mention. I'm looking forward to seeing No Colony. Yup.



remain in light seems particularly new york, that is a nice way to walk around

jereme said...

every day this week i have verbally accosted my mail carrier with a "bitch where the No Colony be" salutation.

he has yet to be amused

as have i


yours is also on dat way

ryan call said...

im reviewng zachs book for tqc this winter - i cant wait to get it in my mailbox


also, same with nc

BlogSloth said...

did you just compare beer to water?

Oh fuck

Keith Montesano said...

got NC today. thanks for that. planning on reading through it soon.

will ring you soon. interested to hear about your prospective possibilities sans email paucity.

The Man Who Couldn't Blog said...



Anonymous said...

I've seen a lot of talk about Byrne here, but wasn't sure if I'd heard anyone mention his blog, which is like one of the most kick-ass ones out there. In case you didn't know...

I might not be in the bush of ghosts if it wasn't for Byrne.

Anonymous said...

speaking of which, somebody send me the new byrne/eno album! I need a valid zip code and my connection probably wouldn't handle the download anyway.


beer has nothing on water

the byrne/eno is... different. i need to listen to it more. if you dont get a hold of it, let me know

jereme said...

i need a 'spoiler alert' for NC. people better not ruin the stories for me or i will alley whip a random vapid orange county loan agent to deal with my emotions of hostility.


(i just flexed my arm muscles to emphasize my grrr)