Saturday, September 13, 2008


Atlanta has a raw error hole in it

I swear the other night at a bar I saw BOB

He was sitting with another dude in a not-so crowded bar on a Thursday night, I became slightly hysterical, most no one I was with knew who he was, BOB was at 97 Estoria, I can verify with the lesions on my knee


I did not let him see me

Last night on our way to the movies we entered semivision, the earth was uprooting, there were columns of rot in our tea

I had some fish tacos, first time ever, they were ok, I had some jelly beans they were better

In the men's room before the movie started I came in and there was an Indian young man standing at least a foot away from the urinals he was dressed to go to the club

He had his dick out and he was holding it, it was fat and weird and solid black

I mean dark as night, you couldn't imagine a blacker dick, coal black, his skin was light brown, there was no differentiation in penis color from head to shaft, it was the first thing you saw when you turned the corner to enter the bathroom

The guy was standing there not peeing, just holding his dick looking straight ahead at the tile wall, he did not move when I entered, he kept holding his black black dick

Maybe he was 'presenting' or maybe BOB was in his cock

I mean black not like black person but black like someone had colored it with a Sharpie and dipped it in oil

The thing was black

I moved past him, washed my face and hands in the sink, which had been my reason for entering, left

We saw Burn After Reading, I liked it, it made me laugh a lot, it pissed off some of the audience because it wasn't clearly 'about anything,' it reminded me most of Fargo, I am glad I liked it better than No Country, Malkovich and McDormand were really good, even Clooney didn't bother me, usually I hate him, I recommend the movie

Some other things happened

Ariana Reines read in Atlanta, she read from both of her books, I thought she was funny, she was also nice, the reading was good, I met more good Atlanta people, fun

I and two friends and many others who are interested and going to be started I think a monthly reading series in Atlanta fucking finally, it is aimed to begin next month

One poet one fiction writer, each with 20-30 min to read and answer questions, Atlanta will have words in their eyes

I am going to find BOB and ask him to read

I will also invite the guy with the black dick

Even if he just wants to stand there and like show it in a trance

The dick was the blackest thing I've ever seen

Holy shit



Darby said...

David Denby tore Burn After Reading apart. It was depressing. It seems like the first watchable thing in nearby theaters since I don't know. I will wait for the dvd because of my social anxiety.


david denby is half-assed

i dont read him, i hate what he says

burn after reading, it just occurred to me, was one of the better comedies i've seen in years, i laughed more consistently than usual, i am picky

i don't blame you on the social anxiety, i hate movie theater crowds,

who put popcorn and quiet rooms together?


david denby probably licked no country's butthole, did he? i can't remember

death-hustler said...

BOB lives in Atlanta. Of course.

He dares all things.


i can sort of feel bob inside me

Josh Maday said...

you weren't looking into the mirror behind the bar when you saw BOB, were you?

this explains your raw animality

at a glance, i thought that said you had a jellyfish taco

ariana reines, yes. The Cow is on my tbr pile; lara glenum's Hounds of No, too

i'm not sure animality is even a word. is now.




i would cry if someone handed me a jellyfish taco


jereme said...

jelly roll

Matt DeBenedictis said...

Every city has a BOB. Without a Bob each city would devour itself with no need for a single condiment of flavor. Lynch didn't discover Bob. He merely found the nearest one to him at the time. As for Burn After Reading fantastic. At times it reminded me of Barton Fink, mainly for its implosion at the end.

Hugo Minor said...

I just watched the last 3 episodes of Twin Peaks today - I had never seen them before - and then I read about this recent sighting of BOB. If I were Cooper, I'd look for the connection here.